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iPad Mini Will Outshine iPad 3, So Says One Analyst

Apparently Tokepa analyst Brian White believes that the iPad Mini is not only on its way soon, but that it will outshine the 3rd generation iPad.

The analyst says he built his assumptions based on a few things, including the possitive chatter coming out of Apple’s overseas supply chain. Apple isn’t cutting any corners with this one and is attempting to push quality while still coming out at a price point that will make it competitive against the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD.

What is a bit interesting is that he claims the Mini can outshine the Retina-display iPad 3 yet he provides no argument for why. Considering White has pretty strong information ties to the supply chain overseas, he is probably right that it is on its way and is going to be huge. Still, I can’t possible see why it would get even more attention than the bigger iPad.

The 7-inch market is hot right now, but that alone won’t make beat out the 10-inch iPad. It is merely meant to round out Apple’s offerings not outshine the regular iPad line. More than likely, if the Mini outshines anyone it will be its Android competition.

If Apple lands the device at a $250-$299 price point, Android devices will likely drop down even further, perhaps to $175. Apple can’t compete on pricing alone, especially considering they sell at a very high premium. The battle will likely boil down to marketing. Google’s marketing campaign with the Nexus 7 has been pretty strong, but Apple is a master at getting people to buy their products based primarily on marketing hype.

What do you think? Interested in a 7-inch iPad or not?

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  1. Just as great as ios6! I am sure these sorts of statements are produced by Apple themselves.

  2. Guillermo Rascon

    very interested. the mini is the reason why I haven’t bought the ipad 3 yet

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