GOgroove SMARTmini BT ADVANCED Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter

If you’re in need of a hands-free kit when you’re in the car, then the SMARTmini Bluetooth FM transmitter is a great, low-cost option. This transmitter works smoothly with a large variety of smartphones, and is extremely portable. Best of all, it is now available for almost 50% off of retail price.

Like mentioned above, the SMARTmini outshines other similar products in terms of portability, making it easier for you to switch between cars quickly. If you drive a company car or share two cars with someone else, you’ll save a lot of time and effort with this device. The Bluetooth FM transmitter is collapsible and can fit easily in your pocket or a small travel pouch. It’s easy to attach any device via the USB or audio jack ports on the transmitter itself, allowing you to charge your device, play music, or make hands-free calls whilst driving.

The sound quality is superb, and the overall build of it feels very sturdy. This is more than capable of providing a good few years of use if you take care of it. At retail, this product normally costs $69.99, but you can get it from Amazon now for just $36.99. That’s a total savings of 33 dollars.

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