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Great Samsung Galaxy S3 deals coming soon: $0 in Canada, $50 in the US

Thinking about buying a Samsung Galaxy S3 soon? You might want to wait until Black Friday if you live in the United States. It seems that a leaked flyer has arrived suggesting that Sprint plans to offer the S3 for just $50 with a two-year contract as a special Black Friday promotion. How much are you saving? About $150, which is no small chunk of change.

For those that need a reminder, the North American version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is no weakling. The phone is powered by a Qualcomm S4 and has a 2GB of RAM. This isn’t quite as good as the Quad-core in the international version, but that’s the price of LTE integration.

For those in Canada, you don’t have to wait nearly as long to get a great deal on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Rogers, Bell, Telus and Virgin Mobile are all running a promotion this weekend that gives you a free Galaxy S3 with a three-year commitment. This is a VERY good deal for those that like Samsung smartphones. It’s also worth noting that Bell, Telus and Virgin Mobile are also slashing the OG Note to $0 with a three year commitment during this special sale.

If you live in North America and have been considering a Galaxy S3, the time has come to get an exceptional deal on an exceptional phone.



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  1. T Mobile is offering the Samsung Galaxy SIII for FREE (after mail-in rebate) with a 2-year contract on November 16th and 17th.

  2. yea T-Mobile will sell it to you at that price just for you.

  3. I wish t-mobile would come out with deals like that. If they don’t when my contract ends next april, I may move to Sprint. I would love to get the Note 2 at a good price, but we’ll see if t-mobile wants to keep my wife and I as customers.

  4. I hope AT&T responds with a good deal. I need this or the Note 2.

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