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iOS 6 Users Reporting WIFI Connectivity Problems

Besides less than great maps, iOS 6 users might have another issue at hand: WIFI connectivity. Apparently some have had problems turning WIFI on after upgrading to iOS 6. For others, WIFI seems to work but they can’t get it to connect to a network.

Many times, the fix is to simply “reset network settings”. Unfortunately, this isn’t doing the job. As of now, Apple’s forum has a page on this that is 94 pages long so it is clearly an issue for some. Personally, I’ve waited off upgrading the iPad 2 in our household simply to make sure all the problems have been worked out first. Being the first to upgrade to a new OS is almost always a mixed bag of good and bad. New versions add great features, but they also sometimes have bugs that weren’t caught in time. It doesn’t matter if we are talking Apple, Microsoft or Google- problems happen.

Have you upgraded to iOS 6 yet? Any noticeable problems with WIFI? Feel free to share your iOS experience with us in the comments below.

UPDATE: iOS 6.0.2 has now been released (on 12/18/12) and is said to fix the problem. Download it and tell us if your Wi-Fi troubles are behind you with the update or not.

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  1. Same here keep losing my wifi wish i never updated to iso 6.1.3 i had no problems with 5x

  2. I have a similar issue, not wi-fi connects great at school, but when I get home my wi-fi doesn’t work at all, even though it says I am connected and have great signal strength.

  3. However my husbands works just fine.

  4. I have the mini and its like every hour I have to reconnect. It’s quite annoying.

  5. I get wifi for 30 seconds tops. I recently went from wep to wpa on my router, but every other device in the house works fine. I am upgraded, but the wifi thing is not pleasant at all.

  6. Since upgrading to ios6 I can’t connect to wifi,my battery is draining constantly and everything is slow. I would never upgrade again knowing what I know now. It was working great before. I’ve never had a single problem until 3 days ago when I upgraded! I hate this! its really very bad experince……..

  7. My wi-fi problems only started after updating to iOS 6.0.2 on my iPhone 4. The same iOS seems to work fine on my iPads.

  8. my computer is connecting just fine to our wifi but now my ipod and iphone are not connecting. The seem to connect just fine with my sister in laws. I have tird resetting netwprk settings and nothing. it is picking up the network but I am unble to join.

  9. we should sign a petition for apple to fix this issue immediately! we’re all tired of their lame excuses and the tech support wants to charge us for their failed software. come on apple, fix your crappy phones.

  10. iphone 4 has stopped working completly since updatin to ios6 yesterday when switched on only apple sign on screen

  11. After i downloaded ios6 my phone is extremely laggy, it has more of a jumping motion than it does a smooth movement, it wont tap what i touch i have to touch my screen several times for it to respond, and it really sucks alot more battery. Its an awful “upgrade”.

  12. i am facing the same problems. at times is gt connnected nd befor i knw it ,gts lost … cannt find my wifi whereas i m using wifi frm i pad nd laptop …

    god kows wat i gonna do with it ..

    is dar nny wey to fix it …?

  13. I cant even slide the wifi option to on, so i cant even try and make a connection. Very frustrating

  14. I updated my iphone to ios 6.1.0 last friday. Since then my iphone 4s will not connect to my wifi at home, I am also having issues with my 3g when I am out and about travelling to school on the trains etc. My iphone is currently in a Griffin Survivor case, which I took off over the weekend to see if it was effecting the wifi connection – it was not, the problem still persisted.

    Please Help!

  15. Wi fi no work. Plan and simple.

  16. I upgraded to ios6, and lost connectivity. I can regain it through settings, but for less than 30 seconds. Given that scenario, how can I download the repair upgrade? GRRRRR!

  17. i have a different problem, after i upgraded every time i connect to a wifi network the internet will work for about 45 seconds, and then not. i have to then switch my wifi off and on, and then again only 45 seconds worth of internet… and this happens no matter where i am or to what wifi network i am connected!!

    • Same for me if I accidentally hit a site that wants to launch a video or if I try to play a YouTube video! Wears me out! I had some problems before updating now I can NEVER run video without making the router drop the ip.

  18. I just got a new iphone 4 because my old one wasn’t upgrading. Now I am having the same problem with this one. The server always times out about 15 minutes into the upgrade. On top of that I can’t connect to my WiFi. When I go to settings, WiFi (which it says is off) so I go to the screen to turn it on and it is grayed out….frozen….can’t do nothin not even connect by entering my wifi address and password. It is Froze up everywhere.. GURRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

  19. The WiFi of my iPhone 4 automatically turns off when screen is locked and turns back on when unlocked. Because of this I can’t receive messages from iMessage. Apple Please fix this immediately!

  20. I’m currently in China and have been having WiFi issues. Upgrading to 6.0.1 back in November wasn’t an issue until I arrived here and tried connecting to a WiFi network so as not to use my Global Data Plan. I can connect to a WiFi network but am unable to send/receive any data, even through apps that are not blocked by the firewall.

  21. I blur chased my first ever IPad 3 today and it took 2hrs to connect it to my home WiFi. BUT it drops the connection time after time and the only way to reestablish it is to pull the power on the router and restart…….then all ok for a short time. Purchased today means I had no option but iOS 6.
    I am not impressed for $679!!!

  22. I have 2 houses and at one house my wi-fi works then my wi-fi at my other house doesn’t work. APPLE LET US DOWNGRADE!!!! NOW I KNOW WHY MY DAD HATES YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I can’t get my IPad 4 to bring up Facebook. I can get my emails on yahoo but it won’t bring up fb. I’m using Cisco. Any ideas

  24. Micah Neuenschwander

    Hi my the wifi on my iPhone 4 works and the “ask to join networks” is on to find and connect automatically to known networks but it doesn’t work. Every time I get home I have to manually connect to the wi fi. Also when I lock my phone after about 10 seconds it automatically disconnects from the wifi and I have to go connect to it again! Is there anything I can do to fix this?

  25. I’m having the wifi issue as well but when I even try to turn on the switch to turn on wifi it doesn’t work

  26. i download and upgrade my iphone to ios6 now im getting a gray screen and asking to do set up…when i coneect to itunes it say i need a internet connection to set up icloud and other services but whn i connect to wi-fi nothing happens,help me what to do,it messes up

  27. And I can’t toggle or any thing :p

  28. Hi,at home I’ve been having iOS problems to mine (iPhone4s) has the gray dead wifi sign,so,I really don’t know what to do,so, please help

  29. my iphone 3gs just updated to IOS6 and at first it was working bot now it will show the wifi connection but cant open browser of any other application that uses wifi…

  30. using an iPhone4 with ios6.0 and having wifi problems and no network issue…glad if yu could help…please e–mail me appaalias@yahoo.com

  31. I have had a problem for 5 days now with my iPhone 4S. I’ve had the phone for several months and have NEVER had a problem with the WIFI. I received a new iPad 2 for Christmas and upgraded the OS on both. My iPad uses my WIFI just fine, but my iPhone stopped working and will not connect to my WIFI. After reading many, many posts about this problem, this is what I did and I CAN’T BELIEVE IT WORKS NOW (I hope I don’t jinx myself….). I disabled my WIFI on the iPhone (“Forget this Network”). Then I unplugged my router for 60+ seconds and plugged it back in. While it was doing its thing coming back up, I pressed my On/Off button on my iPad and the Center Button at the bottom, at the same time. When the white apple appeared, I released my hold on the buttons and let it boot. Then I let my iPhone find my home WIFI again and I signed on with my password… and IT WORKS!! I hope this will help the others. Happy New Year!!

  32. I most often cannot start Netflix or the Itunes Store on my Ipad on my home wireless. It has become gradually worse over the last several months and it may have started with the IOs6 upgrade although I am not 100 % sure. All the suggestions below did not improve the situation. Sometime resetting internet settings temporarily fixed the access, but only for a day or two. Needless to say, my PC laptop, blackberry and friends visiting have great wireless access on the same network. And my Ipad had great wireless access otherwise except when accessing my purchased movie library in the Itunes Store or when accessing Netflix. Then I read somewhere that it is an apple / Netgear incompatibility issue when streaming movies. I have UK Virginmedia Internet acess. Next I borrowed my sons Apple Time Capsule / Airport wireless modem, and plugged it into my existing netgear router and changed my Ipad to access the wireless via the wireless point generated by the Time Capsule. All my problems where solved and net access speed in fact increased. Fingers crossed it stays like that. And maybe Apple should work on their Router compatibility……

  33. Apple clearly has a issue with the wifi settings as many devices are finding it difficult to connect up to. My home Internet is fine and the problem I had was entering my password it just didn’t let me connect I tried for an hour. The wifi was working fine on my apple ipod and iPhone so I was really confused however I ended up unplugging my wireless router and re-connecting it yes it then let me enter my password for the 50th time however the ipad issue still remains as its clearly the device! Not happy

  34. I can’t get on my twitter or Facebook, and Internet apps. But my safari works okay. But it says I have wifi but it won’t let me get in the apps.

  35. as soon as i updated my iphone 4 it decided not to connect to wifi to finsih my update so there for my ohone will not work untell i complete the update…

  36. Anytime I try to run a video, YouTube or otherwise, my wifi connection drops ip and I have to power down the dlink and power it up to connect to Internet.end result…. I can’t run video on my media device, greeeeat! Pretty pissed.

  37. i have a problem of mine in my iOS 6.0.1 of my iPhone 4s my phone having a problem in wifi . we have a internet connection to my other cousins phone have to but to my iPhone doesnt have . i reset the setting in general . in network but doesnt effect it. Please Help me.

  38. ive been having this issue since a week now. wifi connection doesnt detect any connections even though there is. because from my macbook the connection is perfect. and ive tried switching on and off the phone, the wifi, and even putting on airplane mode on and off. and even reset the network settings but none of the above was successful. it was just at luck that at times its back to normal, and then it dissapears again all of a sudden. some points, where i could not even switch the wifi mode to on as the buttons wont let me. it is very frustrating. and share a solution with me. its terrible for apple to have this issue! super frustrated!

  39. I’ve got wifi but it won’t let me turn it on. HELP

  40. also it shows a lock sign on the wifi network

  41. i have the same problem, wifi network shows but no connection.. it was working fine till i upgraded to iso6.. i have to change to samsung ot HTC.. no one who has these brands complain.. stupid apple should be more customer friendly and solve this problem ASAP

  42. No problem with wifi but my hotspot allows me to connect but cant get to internet.

  43. i cant connect to my wifi at work. that sucks apple. chairman should be fired and bring steve back from the dead

  44. I read the posts, but I have not had any problems at all with my iPhone 4 since I went to OS6. WiFi or anything else.

  45. I just upgraded to IOS 6 and now can’t connect. I had trouble before I upgraded, but it’s worse now. Before I upgraded, my iPad sometimes showed up in my list of available networks and sometimes it didn’t. But now I can’t get it to show up at all. I NEED to get on the internet to do my job. I do my work on my computer. I beg of you Apple, please let your techs know that this is a problem. And please tell us what we can do about it. I really don’t want to return my iPad for a refund, but the reason I bought it was to use it as a HotSpot.

  46. This is obviously a problem caused by ios 6. We are all experiencing problems related to wifi. Personally, the problem with the wifi is that it appears to be working perfectly, however, suddenly it stops working. I noticed that even when wifi is “on”, my phone doesn’t find any network including my home network. I tried everything including “Reset network settings”, rebooting my phone, turning it off, and the problem is still the same. Resetting network settings solves the problem almost all the time, but obviously, I cannot do this every time the problem occurs since I will lose all the networks on my phone. Another thing is that even when networks are found, my home network (which is supposed to connect automatically) doesn’t connect, and when I press on it, an error occurs saying “unable to connect”. Sometimes I try to turn “airplane mode” on and then off, and it might work. But the problem persists and it’s really annoying. All we have to do is to wait for Apple to release a new update…:)

  47. Samsunghereicome!

    Since upgrading my iPhone does not pick up my home wifi. It’s driving me insane. Have tried everything!! My battery is draining so fast. Worried about my bill. Apple fix this. Stop burying your head in the sand!

  48. i cannot connect to the internet using my password

  49. Amber Steward Owen

    I have had my iphone 4s with Sprint for almost a year. I have never had a probelem whatsoever with my iphone until upgrading to the 6.0 version about 3 months ago, a month ago my wifi wasn’t working the Apple support helped me fix the wifi connectivity, now for the past three days my wifi will not stay connected after leaving the room that my router is in. Also, I have noticed that ,y battery if majorly draining. I have my phone plugged into the charger 3 times a day. This sucks! I want my wifi to connect.

  50. As I was reading/ leaving this comment my connection to wifi dropped out Soo many times also verything is so much slower on ios6 I don’t see what the point of upgrading is, you get a fancier looking music player and that’s about all all there is that’s positive about it, I would like to point out that I’m running a 3GS and have never experienced any issues like these before the update. It seems rushed and should have been binned instead of released, mi iPhones gone from being faster than my computer to slower than the Internet on my old school shity phones

  51. hallo…please help. I am also suffering from IOS 6 disease! My laptop (normal Dell with Windows) cant connect to my iphone hotspot. It says connected or limited connection but no internet access. Even if it says internet access, I cant go on the internet. Please help!

    My hotspot is on, the wifi is on, and still… :( no internet on laptop

  52. I’ve upgraded to OS 6 on first go, had Wifi connectivity problems, hoped that 6.1 would had addressed still an issue. Have to try workaround by turning WIFI off and on again. It was NOT like this prior to upgrading. This is a real issue if this many people are bringing it UP. Fix this issue or implement the old wifi detect code.

  53. Since my update, the freakin thing will only work within a few steps of the modem. I used to get signal throughout my yard now I’m confined to one room. I did not like apple before now I will never get another product of theirs again.

  54. Since upgrading to IOS6, my wifi has been going in and out. It will give me a connection of full-bars, but then if I go on an internet-app, or pull up Safari, it says I’m not connected to the internet, EVEN THOUGH there is a check mark next to my connection. I hate this, I can’t do anything!

  55. I have an iPhone 4S and iPad 2. I upgraded both to the new OS (iOS 6.0.1). iPad is fine but iPhone is not. It will now not be recognised as on the network (or my Windows 7 computer) when connected by the supplied (with my iPhone) USB connector. This means it does not sync and does not charge. Help, what do I do? Can I restore the OS back to before the update?

    I use my iPhone for business and need to sync my Outlook calendar and address book.

  56. I was so tickled, I went from the iPad 1st generation straight to the iPad mini. Never had a problem with my 1st generation iPad of any kind. I go to set up my mini… and right from the beginning, I’m having issues connecting to my home network. I can connect to my Verizon mobile hotspot, no problem. My home wifi… nothing. Just keeps giving me that “running” circle. Shows there is full signal, but just will not connect. I’ve reset it, I’ve powered off, even for giggles, I reset my wifi router… I’m about to throw this mini! I hope I dont have there problems when my mom’s Christmas present comes… I got her the iPad 4…. I dont have the same issues

  57. wifi sucks on my ipad ever sicne in upgraded to ios6.1. wifi works on all of my other ipods that I have not up graded.. I noticed that when I upgraded my ipod to th ios6 that the battery drains way too fast. I didnt think tha it had anything to do with the upgrad but now after reading these posts i think differently.


  59. After upgraded to OS6, WIFI did not work. The worst thing is I even didn’t realize it because it is showing WIFI connection. My data usage was more than 4GB and I had to pay extra to Rogers.
    So bad. Apple is doing urgly thing after Steve Jobs. I am going to stay away from Apple now.

  60. i upgraded and lost connection to the home network thoouh i may havebeen stufed but i can connect to free wifi at hungry jacks?
    Keep getting unable to connect tried heaps of stuff including upgrading the modem software and reseting the network settings on the ipad turning it right off and on nothing works!
    Now I have a paper weight. :(

  61. I have the same problem also.
    and I think there’s serious faults to ios6.0.1.

  62. I have an iphone 4 and upgraded to IOS 6 and 6.1 recently. I have had problems with uploading photos on whatsapp and facebook. I can’t access the app store with wifi. So i have to revert to 3G and use up all my credit. When is apple going to fix this problem? Anyone got any tips to help me?

    • I really wish I could help but the only way I got mine to temporarily work is to put it in the freezer for 10mins an it should work until you turn it off.

  63. I know you all have probably tried this, but mine came back after I turned it off/on again; full ‘bars’.

  64. I have never update my OS since I bought my iphone, this time I have update it to the os 6 , and my phone now cannot connect not any network (wifi and the 3G) both are not connect , I need your help guys how can we fix this ?!!!!

  65. I just upgraded, and now my phone isn’t working at all. The only thing the screen will show me is an image indicating that I need to sync my phone with iTunes on my computer. When I tried that, iTunes told me it needed to restore the device to factory settings. Tried that, and still the same image on the screen, no improvement. I also can’t find a way to contact Apple to fix the problem, because I can’t make calls, and the online chat help option doesn’t seem to be available at the moment. Help?? Anyone??

  66. I agree with Shayla

  67. At home I am perfect, but at work and in class I have issues left and right. Sometimes it sees the network, sometimes it doesn’t. Or if it does, most of the time, it’s trying to connect forever, just keeps spinning. At work, I even sit directly under the AP, so range can’t be the issue. Class, I have no clue where the AP’s are, but the guy next to me with his ASUS laptop, never has a problem connecting. It’s so bad at school, I have to connect my ipad to my personal hotspot on my iphone. And even then, I have connection issues. I didn’t have these connection issues before ios 6 and I can say they are still there even with the ios 6.0.1 update.

  68. After I’ve upgraded to ios6 for my ipad2, there was no prob until last week my ipad just couldnt connect to wifi either from home or office. Its not the internet prob coz I can connect using my laptop n iphone. I’ve done turning on/off ipad/wifi/airplane mode,reset network settings,clear safari cookies & data as some suggested,turn http proxy to auto but all no success. But I can connect via bluetooth to my iphone’s personal hotspot. So its really just the wifi connectivity prob. Pls get it FIX Apple!!! Or anyone can help me to fix the prob? Something that I havent do yet perhaps?

  69. Johnwharford@hotmail.com

    Upgraded ipad to iOS 6 last week ipad 2 going well always gone well over last 2 years and then yesterday dropped wifi signal. Followed all the fixes resets etc nothing. iPhone and laptop getting signal no problems ipad 2. Nixtnothing kaput

  70. Iit is not a problem, it is a feature. As long as you are using the wifi it stays connected. Once you stop, it drops to 3G. Once you start using the Internet again, it reconnects. You can confirm this by going onto safari and searching in google. Continuously press search. Then stop. Once you stop, you see that it drops to 3G. Start hitting search again, and you will see that it reconnects.

  71. Android Here I Come

    Wife’s iPhone 5 has WIFI connection problems (intermittent connect and disconnect) and have tried all the fixes in online discussions so far and neither Verizon (our carrier) or Apple or Netgear (the router) have offered any solutions – one big shrug all around! – Activation included installing the upgrade to IOs 6.0.1 and reset network etc etc – still no fix.

    • Iit is not a problem, it is a feature. As long as you are using the wifi it stays connected. Once you stop, it drops to 3G. Once you start using the Internet again, it reconnects. You can confirm this by going onto safari and searching in google. Continuously press search. Then stop. Once you stop, you see that it drops to 3G. Start hitting search again, and you will see that it reconnects.

      I just posted this, but I wanted to make sure you actually saw it!

  72. I have a Iphone 4s, which lost connect to wi fi and kept running out of power fast .Tried the all the usual reinstall IO6 reconnect wifi etc,but by turning of all the apps in Location Services that i didn’t need, the phone has returned back to normal operation.Settings>Privacy>Location Services>switch which ones you really don’t need off. I had 37 on now about 12 Hope this helps.

  73. i updated my iphone to ios6 and now my wifi wont stay connected and my safari keeps crashing help??

  74. Carrie and Rob

    Our iPad was dropping wifi connection quite often, putting in airplane mode then connecting seemed to help. Turns out once I moved my router away from the metal filing cabinet it was stored behind the issue was resolved. No connectivity issues since – seems like a ‘too simple’ solution, but it worked for our iPad (+ two iPod touches with same issue since upgrading) so maybe it will work for someone else, too.

  75. My ipd find wifi, but did not connect automatically. I need turn and off to connect to wifi. It is troublesome.

  76. My home button hasn’t worked since I updated, having to use assistive touch which is a right pain! I’ve had a few apps crash on me also!!

  77. Random ability to connect to hotspot most on time need to reboot iphone then works, poor reception at times on wifi – never had this before upgrading to ios6 – long time apple user but now just waiting for LTE Note2!!

  78. YEP. its an iOS6 problem alright. How can an almost-perfect company commit such a freaking annoying and irritating mistake? What the f…udge!!!

  79. SENT ‘EM ALL BACK on day 29. They were useless as business tools.. They just wouldn’t “play well wth others”. There was on casualty however, a feisty employee sent hers across the room, in flight, so we’ll eat that one. There be a few more on the refurbished market soon. The manager at the store couldn’t have cared less. We’re going to Samsung for the first time…

  80. Upgraded my iPad 2 and now I never have wi fi connection if I’m in a different room. Constantly resetting. What a joke. Same thing happening on new iPhone 5

  81. I upgraded to io6 then io6.01 and I am still having connection issues with my wifi, also some major problems with the home button, I can press it time and toon again and nothing happens ( ipad2) 10 months old. If I turn it off and start it up again it sometimes works, but not always, I have held on-off button and home button for 10+ seconds to reboot it, that seemed to help a bit, but the button is still not working all the time! If I’m in email and want to come out while downloading an email, it won’t let me? That’s with no other applications working!
    I’m now really fed up, we have iPhones and were about to upgrade to ip5 and a new ipad for the mrs, but this has me thinking about a complete change in our house!
    Really had enough!

  82. One question is Apple going to pay my bill when the data has been used. I cannot connect to wireless Internet & cant turn wifi on. The new update has killed my phone. Really annoyed. When are you going to fix this issue????? I have had technicians on the phone & they have spent hours trying to fix the issue only to find out it, it’s the new software update. What to do????

  83. WiFi is unstable in IOS6.0.1. Its a joke infact. Also, automatic connection to WiFi at home doesnt work no matter what. I have to put in my password everytime. Ive reset network settings, rebooted, even done a full system resore this morning at the Apple shop – still the problem persists. This Wifi prob wasnt here yesterday BEFORE I did the upgrade to my system. Damn these upgrades, they are always filled with errors.

  84. Bought IPad4 yesterday – returned it to the store and got my money back today – would not connect to home wi-fi despite everything else connecting fine. Helpline useless.There is a problem for sure – goodbye Apple!

  85. very poor wifi connection on my ipad2 since ios6 update. it used to work flawless earlier. my wifi router is the same as earlier and nothing exceptbfor ios has changed. I sometimes get so frustreted in trying to connect that i want to throw away this ipad 2. Shame on apple.

  86. yes Im really tiered of this problem its been going on since IOS5 :{

  87. after upgrading to ios 6hit! my wifi connects but it randomly goes in and out.very frustrating especially when playing a game and the signal goes out and u have to reconnect or when ur downloading an app and it goes out.i did noticed that it only happens when ur attempting to use an app ,other than that if im not using the phone the wifi signal stay on

  88. A little while after iOS 6, my iPod got low and fluctuating connection to wifi. Soon after, it would rarely connect, when it did it wouldn’t last long, and I only had one bar. Now it wont pick up any wifi connections at all. It’s really bugging me. I’ve tried everything – literally. It NEEDS to be fixed. And this wouldn’t have happened if Steve was still alive. Do you agree?

  89. I cannot connect to my home wifi after upgrading my IPad 2 to OS 6. it connects to every wifi except my home’s.

  90. I upgraded my new iPad two days ago and have not been able to connect to wi fi. I am ready to walk into the apple store screaming. I’ve tried all the fixes and nothing works. Since I don’t have 3G this is now worthless.

  91. F APPLE…my 4S wifi is grey out after upgrading.
    And they can told me it is due to hardware issues even when downgrading to iOS 5, the wifi is working perfectly fine…

  92. update to ios 6 on my 4s and now my calender and reminders are in spanish even though my settings still say English.

  93. After updating my iPad 2 to ios6, it is conneted to wifi at home, did not subscribe to data plan never had one. I can be doing anything between downloading something to watching a video through an app, the window will pop up telling me to pick a data plan (not exact wording) but the video will continue and wifi is still connected. not a problem yet however it is a nusense.
    any fix?

  94. It stinks! I have reverted back to tethering my laptop instead of my Ipad because it just hangs when I search websites….If broken phones are “bricks”, I guess I have a $600 “plate”..Help!

  95. i can connect to wifi fine with my ipad2 iphone4 & my 4s all running ios6… BUT it wont tether!!!!!! says it is but my laptop dont even pick it up. all setting are correct… my 5 is due for delivery in the next 2 weeks. better work on that or its going straight back…

  96. My email on iOS 6 isn’t working and I can’t even start to explain how annoying this is with an error coming up “Cannot Get Mail”. If anyone knows how to fix this please provide with a solution because this is getting on my nerves.

  97. my ipad 2 would not connect but resetting network settings fixed that. However now it slows down or drops out every half hour or so making streaming of programmes problematic and unenjoyable.

  98. IOS 6 !! this software really SUCKS !!! DONT UPGRADE !! stick to 5.1.1

  99. I’ve just spent 1 hour in the apple shop. I have a iphone 4 never had a problem before but now numerous problems, wifi not staying connected in the house but my mac and ipad are, my husband and son not having any problems! Can’t delete my contacts from my phone and some contacts aren’t even in my address book….Apple said that there is an ios6 issue and won’t be changed until there is a new software update………Really not happy

  100. Just updated to iOS 6 a few days ago on my iphone 4S, and my wifi slider is now stuck on “off”!
    Tried restoring it yesterday, but it kept on being stuck. I’m just waiting for apple to provide an update with the bug fix, but it’s quite annoying!

  101. anyone out there experiencing slowness in their network/wifi or apps, or if you are experiencing fast battery drain go into settings – privacy – location services – and cut off all the apps except maps, weather and find my iphone. then scroll to the bottom of that page and tap System Services – then turn off Genius for Apps. afterwards, give your phone a reboot. when your phone comes back up, go back into location services and double check to make sure the genius for apps stayed off. That is the cause for power drain. the slowness comes from the number of apps steadily updating their location. your phone is constantly working like a horse to keep the apps on that list updated so disabling as many as possible will speed up your connection and also help with power drain. when you updated to ios 6 the Genius for Apps was automatically enabled so be sure to keep it disabled to keep your battery strong. Hope this helps. if it does, please let me know. thanks. and good luck.

    • mrblue redberry

      Thanks for the info, I will try to do what exact you said. I sure hope it will help my battery. Do you have any suggestions about iphone5 connecting so slow on data plan. I am with Verizon’s I got the damn iphone5 just a week ago, and already got problem with it. I took to apple they replaced a new one, but still didn’t solve the problem. My problem is if I am on wifi that damb phone work fine I can hear people call me. If I switch to data plan (wifi off) the phone run so slow, refuses to connect to anything, and when people call me I don’t even hear the phone ring, it just goes straight to my voice. No phone called missing indication what so ever. Any advice for that would appreciate very much

      • Oh I sure hate you are having that kinda trouble. Try double tapping the home button and when all of your apps show up, hold one down until it starts shaking, then tap the minus sign and close them all. If there are a lot of apps opened down there that will cause it to run slow. Right now apple is working on the slowness. There seems to have been more bugs with iOS 6 than anything. Just be sure your genius for apps is off and also be sure to turn off as many apps as possible in the location services because that will slow it down as well. I hope this helps, if it doesn’t let me know and I will find another solution for you!

        • I have been having trouble with sending email and also IM on skype. Some messages go through and some don’t in IM and also the video image of the other person on Skype is very bad or non existent. I updated to IOS 6 a couple of months ago, but only have had these problems in the last week or two. Is this due to the IOS 6 update do you think? I tried turning off all the Apps as you described and that is when I did manage to get a poor video image of the other person. Can you offer any other suggestions? I also reset the router…

  102. I hate it. i updated to IOS6 couple of weeks ago since then I have major issues with wifi connectivity. sometimes 10 seconds sometimes 10 minutes. keep cutting wifi off. i tryed all fixes I can see on the internet.I am on holiday in another country. I am very upset with this and dont know what to do anymore. Apple needs to recognise the problem and fix it immediately!

  103. The IOS6 Hotspot is in a different place. Go to Settings>General>About>Cellular and turn the personal hotspot on. Mine works fine, now. Once you turn it on, it will re-appear on the the main settings page, right where it was before.

  104. Ipad 2 and upgraded to IOS6 and lost my hot spot. Looking for any suggestions. Tried the auto proxy setting and it wasn’t any help. Glad I’m not alone!

  105. The “HTTP Proxy:Auto” fix listed below worked like a charm. :)
    Love my iPhone again. :)

  106. upgraded to the ios 6 today and downloaded it throgh the wifi network. after the update was complete i tried to get back on the network and it would come on and go off at random. after 45 min talk with ipad i am having to send my ipad in and get it replaced! very very aggravating!

  107. I “upgraded” to iOS 6.0 on my iPhone 4, now my WiFi sucks, trying to install apps it keep saying no connection to iTunes then it kept stalling. Now certain apps can’t start. What the heck? What’s up with Apple. Why don’t you immediately fix these issue rather than apologizing. Does that bring happiness to my iphone. Steve Jobs is flipping mad in his grave man.

  108. My Wifi and signal is full but to internet via apps or safari, restart phone or reset network settings and it starts to work… few hours later I get the same problem again. I need to restart my iphone 5 a couple of times per day.

  109. Debbie aydemir

    I’m sick of my phone…… I have no wifi connection after upgrading to ios6 and have 4 apps trying to upgrade and are frozen…. I’ve tried alsorts and nothing works all I keep having to do is recharge my phone….. A solution soon will be good as there payments arnt really cheap.!!!!

  110. My ipad to having a problem on apps when i started upgrading my ios to 6 in the middle of the game or browsing my apps colapse or the application will automatically turn off and i will start ovr again…. Please fix the bug

  111. I upgraded my iPad 2 with ios 6 on 9/20/12 and have numerous issues starting with wifi. Once I got wifi working, I found that I could not connect to iTunes, the App Store, Netflix stopped working, iCloud cannot be reached, etc. since then things are slowly coming back online. First I could get to the purchased tab on the App Store then another tab worked and a couple of days ago the whole App Store and iTunes started working. ICloud worked a day or so later. At this point only Netflix doesn’t work. I really miss that app. I have deleted and reinstalled but still doesn’t work. I wish I had not taken the upgrade. It was all working before ios 6. My Apple TV took an upgrade too and Netflix doesn’t work there now either. It still works on the iMac though.

  112. I finally fixed my iPad connectivity problem thanks to a solution in the Apple forum. It simply involves turning off your WiFi router, then while it is off reset network settings on the iPad and when it comes back on, turn router back on. When it is working OK connect to WiFi and worked like a charm. Easy, but who would have thought….

  113. I upgraded my retina display iPad to iOS 6 and lost my home Wi Fi network, Works fine for public Wi Fi but my home network with security. I’ve tried all the fixes suggested in the various forums to no avail. Seeing a genius bar person tomorrow, hoping to get rolled back to iOS 5.1.1 when Wi Fi worked like a charm

  114. iPods seem to work fine with iOS 6

  115. Same as others.
    At home, my wi-fi is perfectly fine. At work (using a conenction I’ve always used without restrictions) no longer connects.
    My co-work has the same iPad2, but has 5.1.1 on it and he is able to work on the EXACT same network without issues.
    My iphone 4 with 0s6 cannto conenct – but my wifes with 5.1.1 has not issues – But, no, it’s not a software issue. GUES WHAT APPLE – IT IS.
    Maybe it’s time Apple get off the high-horse and acknowledge that their software sucks. ALLOW PEOPLE TO DOWNGRADE UNTIL YOU FIX THIS ISSUE!
    God forbid we touch the “big brother” Apple stuff – since THEIR softwre is perfect and has no issues – Guess What Apple – in 1984, you aired a commercial telling people to think different and quit being part of “big brother” – guess what you are now.

  116. Since upgrading to IOS6yesterday the wifi Internet connection on my ipad2 is unpredictable. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. The blue connection progress bar just freezes and locks.

  117. playing and online game the wifi is always disconnected and need to manual reconnect back . im so tired with that

  118. Unable to synchronise my iPad2 running iOS6 with iTunes.
    Unable to connect to personal hotspot

  119. Wi-fi on my IPad has been a big issue since the upgrade. I can no longer download video or movies, and wifi periodically cuts out. Will never buy another Apple Product. I bought my wife a Google Nexus and it is frustrating watching her use it on the same wifi network. Hers works, mine doesnt

  120. Since upgrading to ios6 I can’t connect to wifi,my battery is draining constantly and everything is slow. I would never upgrade again knowing what I know now. It was working great before. I’ve never had a single problem until 3 days ago when I upgraded! I hate this!

    • hey if your still having the same problem with your battery, go into settings, privacy, location services, scroll all the way to the bottom and select system services, then turn off genius for apps. after that go back into settings, privacy, location service and turn off all the apps that doesnt really matter if they have the location on them, like camera, photos, messages…. and others that really dont matter. that will stop your battery from draining.

  121. My iphone 4 seems to work really slow on ios 6 , mail connectivity issues when browsing mail from iphone mail and other problems like web pages and programme freeze

    • mrblue redberry

      Yeah same thing with my iPhone 4S. It works fine until I upgrade to iso6. And it start working so slow. Then after getting iphone 5, it still run slow. Just don’t know what he’ll is going on.

  122. If I leave my ipad for any time I have switch it off and restart it to reconnect to my wifi network whereas before I upgraded to ios6 I did not have this problem, and the maps are a joke

  123. I have been having problems ever since that upgrade came. I cannot connect to wifi on my iPhone but the ipad 3 it connects bullshit apple

  124. My wi-fi appears to be really really slow after I upgraded to iOS6. The streaming video quality drops in 5 seconds and I am seeing this issue only after iOS upgrade.

  125. Upgraded to ios6 on my iPad 2 and now anything wifi doesn’t work. Won’t connect to Netflix, Yidio, Crackle and so forth as we’ll as other wifi connection issues. Already did the usual reset of the network settings that didn’t do anything. What was I thinkin for not waiting a week or two to do this. Someone should kick me in the sack !

  126. my wifi wasnt connecting i was just getting the loading circle instead of a check next to my wifi network so i called apple support and after all the BS troubleshooting they had me do, i was told to unplug my router and plug it back in and that seems to have fixed it

  127. The wifi fix is go to Settings/wifi/Choose a network. Click on the blue arrow in the circle, then scroll down to the bottom of the screen & under HTTP Proxy, if Off is highlighted, choose Auto instead. That should fix the problem.

    • Not even close. One of my problems is that my network doesn’t show up under wifi settings. My password doesn’t work with the network that does show up, and If I try to enter the real network, then it can’t find that either even with the correct password. This is still going on after everyone seems to think Apple has fixed the problem with a connection to a once missing web page. I have tried back up and restore–nothing. I’m really fed up. I spent 3 hours on the phone with Apple Care yesterday and even got a new iPhone 4S since they couldn’t fix the problem. The problem is there with the new phone as well.

      • I’m having the same issue. My home network won’t even show up on my iPhone. It just stopped showing up today. I did the iOS 6.01 update like a week and a half ago. I reset my entire phone, I know my Internet is working fine because I’m surfing the web now. Just in case stupid apple try’s to tell me to reset my router, I did, because at first everyone was saying that was the issue.

      • Rebecca Nickols

        THANK YOU!!!

    • The wifi fix is go to Settings/wifi/Choose a network. Click on the blue arrow in the circle, then scroll down to the bottom of the screen & under HTTP Proxy, if Off is highlighted, choose Auto instead.
      Then you need to go to the static tab under proxy and change that to auto as well

    • I cant find the blue arrow? HELP ME!!!!

    • Wait found it. But it still really doesnt work! :( any other tips?

    • It works .. THANKS !

    • i have successfully installed ios6.0.1 in my 3gs..after installation..all the icons are in grey colour..when it switched on they asked me to choose language prefernce then country then they asked me to choose a network of wifi or to connect to itunes..i connected it to a wifi connection then also it is not showing me the next icon..then i tried connect to itunes but it is showing me a error that we r sorry,we are unable to continue with your activation at this time,.
      what should i do now..completely messed up..

  128. i spent countless hours with Apple Support, met the Genius, they couldn’t fix the problem, but not admitting that there’s issue. The Genius simply put it, it’s my router problem. If they expect all their users know how to reconfigure routers, or always have access to configure one (maybe all users only use wifi from home).. then, they can just ***.
    They even dared asking me to buy Apple Care .. what?? they caused the problem, they can’t fix it, and I have to pay?? I asked for a replacement since mine is under warranty.
    To me now, Apple is just an apple, not better than any other oranges.

  129. I’m sick of my iPhone.. I’ve been a dedicated iOS customer since 2009 when the 3GS was first released. But since Steve Jobs passing the iOS software releases QA has gone down the toilet.

    I’m getting an HTC one X with Tegra 3 baby.

  130. home sharing not working anymore!!

  131. Jan from Holland

    At home mij wifi works perfect. But at mt sons school he can’t make contact with the wireless LAN. It looks like a securaty problem. After checkend te connecting it is not werking.

  132. Updated iPhone 4S to IOS 6. Wifi shows it is connected and has a full signal, but the phone still will not access the Internet. I just a get a message saying the server is not responding. I checked my MAC to make sure it’s not an issue with my router, but it connects using wifi just fine. Checked the router’s settings, and it doesn’t show my iPhone 4 S as being connected, even tho the phone shows a full wifi signal. I did a network reset, reset my iPhone, reset, my router, even reset my Mac just for the hell of it. Guess I’m just gonna be waiting for another software upgrade from Apple.

  133. I couldn’t download from iTunes app store or stream on Netflix via mobile app and wifi. It would work when I took my router out of the mix, and I got new MTU number for router set up and it all works now.

  134. I have iphone 4 and it’s not connecting to my AOL wifi.

  135. I am having problems connecting to WiFi. sometimes it is Ok, then stops completely. Talked to Apple but what we did has not worked. they think a complete reset of my iPad might work. They told me I cannot roll back to iOS5 .

  136. i can’t get email to work properly basically non existent and i can’t get phone calls to come thru.

  137. Have the same problem as a few others here – Get disconnected from WiFi without notice, and therefore have to reconnect manually every time that happens. Because of this problem, I’ve nearly maxed out my connection program from my mobile service – because I only noticed I was off my WiFi a couple of days ago.

    Happy to see I’m not the only one with a problem, but ever so frustrated by the fact that I am going to be charged for my usage this way, and that I constantly need to reconnect and keep my eye on the connection.

  138. after updating to ios 6 my wifi on & of slider wont work

  139. Wont connect to wifi so unhappy! Wont connect to apple store either so i am beyond the point of angry now especially when my mum is sat with her samsung on the internet

  140. I updating my iPhone 4 with ios 6…no problem. BUT after updating my iPad2 I now have no wifi. It shows 3 bars of connectivity, but it doesn’t work. After resetting it twice, the second time to factory settings, it still doesn’t work. The only fix the Apple tech support people had was to go to an Apple store and get a new (refurbished?) one! Since it is out of warranty, I would have to pay $249 to get another Ipad2 to replace the iPad2 I had that had been working perfectly before the update. Unbelievable!

  141. I “upgraded” to iOS 6.0 on my iPhone 4S last week and ever since I have wi-fi connection issues. My home router has up-tp-date firmware but now my phone does not hold the connection continuously. It worked flawlessly BEFORE the upload to iOS 6.0! Very frustrating; have tried resetting, “forget this network” and reapplying my network but my connection works and then disconnects so I have to continually sign on again.
    Different Apple tech reps give different responses. Some acknowledge there is a problem and others do not.

  142. Yes, I upgraded my wifi iPAD to iOS6 and now Safari will not connect to my home network.

  143. My iPhone 4S worked great until the downgrade to ios 6. WiFi connection comes and goes. Making me use up my Data plan minutes unneccesarily. The worst part is even on their own forums Apple won’t resond. I don’t think they care

  144. Yes, since upgrading to ios6 my iPad 3 will not connect to wi-fi. Very frustrated. Just now reading posts on how to solve the issue.

  145. Wifi is flakey. Really frustrating.

  146. My contract is nearly up and I’m seriously considering going to Android. No wifi since the upgrade to iOS 6. Apple have about a week to sort this out before they lose me forever.

    • You are an idiot. I upgraded my beat up iPhone 4 to iOS6 and my WiFi works perfectly. How about trying some troubleshooting?

  147. Alexander from Moscow, Russia

    Yeah, just now I have upgade my iPad to iOS 6 and now I can not use my own WIFI connection at home network.

    But my iPhone 4 workd correctly after upgrading to iOS 6.

    I don’t know waht to do.
    I have find some method in Internet. Reset iPad, off and on Wifi at Settings menu, try to on iPad and it should be work correctly. Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

  148. Personal Hotspot User in Texas

    Lost my Personal Hotspot – I have an iPhone 4 and upgraded on Day 1. Four calls and 1 1/2 hours with tech support at AT&T could not setup my personal hotspot. They referred me to Apple phone tech support with two calls and another hour on the phone. We backed up, reset network settings, restored and then decided I needed to drive another 90 minutes to my closest Apple Store for a Genius Bar appointment. Two hours there. First we repeated everything that had already been tried. Next they replaced the phone with a new iPhone 4 and loaded my settings. Everything worked perfectly UNTIL they upgraded to IOS 6 and then I lost my personal Hotspot. They replaced the phone with another new one and I left the store happily with IOS 5. All tech support at both AT&T and Apple were very friendly and seemed almost as frustrated as me.

  149. I’m on my 3rd iPhone 4 from Verizon because of device failures such as the lock button breaking. Well Wednesday I got my replacement and it arrived on iOS 5 so when I activated this one it wouldn’t support backing up from iCloud on my apple I’d therefore losing all my setting and some apps pictures etc. now my wifi will not stay connected. It seems to be one thing after another. And is really getting old.

  150. My 3GS Wi-Fi connects fine, but the reception is appalling. No doubt Apple will sort it, I hope.

  151. I have tried all fixes and still keep having the wifi drop out after a couple of minutes, I took it to my local apple store and they said it was my modem even though my Mac laptop and partners iPhone running iOS 5 is working fine, go figure

  152. Edwin Manalansan

    Same us my iphone 4 cannot received any wifi signal upon upgrading IOS6

  153. I haven’t been able to connect to wifi since yesterday!!!!! so annoyed!!!!! its searching but not getting anything

  154. My iPhone 4S wifi is connected but not able to open any single web page after update ios 6.this sucks

  155. yes i´m in Portugal and my wifi does not work because i have made the the up grade to ios 6

  156. forget it IOS 6. Android is better. No problem every upgrading.

  157. I can’t even downgrade my I Pad to IOS 5.1 again. It’s really annoying as I need to study and I have to be able to look into flash videos with I swifter, which only works with wifi. Maybe I should have stayed with windows….lol.Hope they resolve this problem soon.

  158. at the point of taking my iphone back to apple and telling them to stick it where the sun dont shine :)

  159. I only have a problem accessing WI-FI on my home WI-FI which is 100% APPLE equipment. Everything.
    My iPad is fine and connecting as is my wife’s iPhone4. Only the iPhone5 will not stay connected. It connect when first accessed and within 3 to 4 minutes it loses the connect.

  160. Michael
    I have not had wi-fi access since 9-24 after updating to ios 6. Regardless of where I’m at: Work, home, Starbucks, etc. Apple’s response: because my phone is 2 months past my contract date I have to buy a new one. Seems the more they sell the less they remember those of us who have been there since the begining.

  161. My 4S wifi is has been dead for three days after update to ios6, If its a ploy to make me run out and buy the iphone 5, All I can say is “FAIL”

  162. John
    having issues with I pad 2 and 3 and iphone 4s, the pads in the my contacts area are jumping all over, finally we turned off the sync of the contacts. The same problem with the 4s phone and to boot when leaving the car to the office net work you cannot connect to the internet unless you turn off the wyi fi.
    The IO 6 has more bugs for my three products, they should supply a large hammer with the upgrade.

  163. Both my iPads have wifi problems. They will not download updates from the store. When I switch them to my personal hotspot they download fine. All other wifi features work and I can surf the Internet fine, it’s just the updates.

  164. At my work, I have problems where it won’t accept my password to the wi-fi. It has only affected those of us with 4S after the iOS6 update (about 10 of us in all). Everyone who has an iPhone 3, 4, and 5 doesn’t appear to have any issues.

  165. My problem is the significantly reduced range – can now no longer connect in some parts of our house

    • Same issue for me. Used to work throughout my house before the update to 6.0. Now it connects but if I’m in my media room it cuts out and I have to reconnect often. It appears that 6.0 has a weaker connection capability than 5.01 had on my 4S phone.

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