Rumor Claims $99 Nexus 7 in Works, Asus Denies The Claim Entirely

Think that $199 for the Nexus 7 is a good deal? What if you could get a basic version of the Nexus 7 for as little as $99? A new rumor suggests that Google is preparing such a low-priced budget variant for release sometime later this year.

Why would Google make such a move? A few reasons. There are more and more sub-$99 tablets starting to surface from lesser known brands, and a $99 Nexus 7 would give consumers pause before they considered purchasing devices like the Matrix One. Second, rumors continue to swirl around the 7-inch iPad, and the more ammunition that Google gathers against Apple’s entry into the 7-inch world, the better.

The rumor started from Digitimes and claims that Asus and Google are actual working on two new Nexus 7 tablets. One version is aimed at the $199 price tag held by the current 8GB model of the Nexus 7, though its unclear what changes this revision would have. The other is an ultra-budget model.

What kind of changes would Google and Asus pull to bring such a ridiculously low price tag? It’s hard to say. If the company removed the Tegra 3 in favor of a budget processor and knocked down the storage to 4GB, they might be able to pull off a low price. If they did bring the specs down so much, would it actually be worth purchasing, though?

Keep in mind this is nothing more than a rumor. Sometimes Digitimes gets things right, and sometimes they are totally off base. Keep in mind that Asus has already denied that they are working on such a tablet, though that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t. Often times a company will deny a product right up to the very day they release it. What do you think?

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  1. Wi11 says:

    I think it will be a smaller screen (5″) and be an android version of an ipod touch rather than a tablet.

  2. Roberto Tomás says:

    I imagine the cost breakdown is like:
    screen – $50
    battery – $25
    processor – $15 (Tegras are admittedly expensive, but this is Google, they are getting a bulk rate)
    ram – $5
    storage – $10
    total assembly – $10

    case, interconnects, bells and whistles – $25

    the screen has the most room, old parts for screens they might get even $20 cheaper. Whole ARM SoCs with RAM, etc, can go as low as $1.

    actually, how the heck is Matrix One selling theirs so cheap? They are old stock on clearance?

  3. Michael Stokes says:

    I honestly couldn’t deal with a 4GB tablet with no MicroSD card slot. After format you’re looking at maybe a bit less than 3GBs for apps, that’s just not enough. I am excited to see what Google and Asus are doing with the new Nexus 7, if anything.

  4. JOSEPH kreifeks II says:

    Ehh, What they really need to make is a nexus 7 with MHL

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