Bad Piggies Arrives as a Spin-Off of the Angry Birds Series

Sick of all the attention those angry birdies get? What about the pigs, what’s their story? In the newly released “Bad Piggies” we get a chance to catch up with the ‘villians’ of the series and play from their point of view for a change.

The new spin-off is the first true ‘sequel’ to Angry Birds, as all the others are minor revisions with the same bird-throwing mechanics. What’s this game about? Basically you must built contraptions and make it through the stages in order to steal those eggs from the Angry Birds. The new game has 60 levels, 30 additional puzzles, 4 sandbox levels and 33 objects to create the ultimate machines.

The game is supposed to be available at the AppStore at a discounted price of $.99- but it currently seems to be listed for more, so perhaps I’m missing something? For Android users, the game seems to be free, at least for now, via Google Play. What do you think of “Bad Piggies”, a worthy successor to the Angry Birds games or not?

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