Galaxy Note 2 Competition Continue to Heat Up: Pantech Vega R3 Quad-Core Phablet

Vega R3

Pantech isn’t the biggest name around, but they still manage to pull off a reasonably powerful device very so often. Pantech has now announced such a device, the Vega R3. The new Vega R3 is another member of the growing group known as “phablets”.

This phablet manages a 5.3-inch HD screen, Android 4.0.4 and a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 PRO processor. Other specs include Bluetooth 4.0, a 13MP rear camera, 2MP front cam, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory and a 2600 mAh battery.

The Pantech Vega R3 is about as close to a direct competitor against the Note 2 as you will find. The R3 certainly seems to be in a league of its own when compared against the upcoming LG Vu 2.

Phablets aren’t for everyone. Those who like physically talking on their phone without a bluetooth headset probably aren’t going to enjoy using a phablet. On the other hand, phablets are almost perfect for those that use a bluetooth headset the vast majority of the time. Phablets are also ideal for those that do a substantial amount of reading or game playing and other uses that require a bigger screen.

What do you think of phablets? Silly crazy, or really a great idea?

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  1. Roberto Tomás says:

    this phone made me realize I don’t really like Qualcomm for mobile phones this cycle. :) I mean its a killer phone, with a big ol screen and the s4 pro which has adreno 320 graphics.

    the cpu itself is killer. that quad monster is crazy-powerful. almost pc-ish

    but then I looked up the gpu. adreno 320 is only barely on par with ipad2 or the upcoming mali t604 (the *weakest* gpu upcoming from ARM).

    If you can wait a year it will be worth it, with mali t604s coming early next year and mali 620s-650s probably coming late. The 650 quad core is supposed to run 1.5 times faster than the xbox 360 ..

  2. rayglarg says:

    Smaller screen, lesser battery, no stylus input, but has higher megapixel cameras. Yeah, I see the similarity; They are both rectangular phones. :p

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