Looking for a Wallet-Friendly 10-incher? ARCHOS 97 Xenon May Be Just That

Another day, another ARCHOS tablet. Sure seems like they pump these out on a near-daily basis.

The newest member to the ARCHOS tablet family is the ARCHOS 97 Xenon, an entry-level unit sporting a 9.7-inch 10248×768 resolution screen. What kind of processing power can you expect with the Xenon? A single-core 1.4GHz and just 512MB of RAM- yes really. Other specs include a 2MP rear cam, VGA front-facing one, WIFI connectivity and Android 4.0 ICS. Let’s be honest, these are awful. Even those with modest knowledge about hardware will understand that 512MB is shameful for a tablet these days, it is barely acceptable on an entry-level smartphone even. That being said, I suspect this will be an extremely wallet-friendly device.

There aren’t too many low-cost tablets outside of the 7-inch realm but, with these specs, Archos could likely pull off a reasonably low price tag. Right now we don’t have any official pricing, but I’d be very shocked if it’s tag is anything over $250. Personally I wouldn’t pay much over $175 for something with such low-powered performance. What about you? Would you consider a 10-inch ARCHOS if it can maintain a price between $150-$200, or would you rather get a more powerful 7-incher like the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD?

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