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Rumored HTC Phablet may actually be the Nexus 5

It’s been a year since the last Nexus smartphone, so it’s no surprise that rumors are starting to pop up suggesting that the Google Nexus 5 is coming soon. What is surprising is that the an anonymous tipster claims that the rumored 5-inch HTC phablet will be the basis of the new Nexus.

The Nexus 5 will supposedly run on Android 4.1.2, which brings Project Butter improvements, bug fixes and extra lockscreen functionality. On the hardware side, the Nexus 5 allegedly has a 1080p display, a Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset, 12MP main cam and an 2 MP front-facing camera. Other features inlcude a 2500mAh battery and 64GB of storage. There’s also a massive 64GB of internal memory. Sounds great, but keep in mind that this is totally on the word of some random tipster. The tipster claims the information comes from within HTC, but take this all with a huge chunk of salt for the moment.

A Nexus 5 from HTC sounds like an interesting proposition, and would likely give HTC the attention in needs to help rebuild itself from its currently declining state. Just a rumor or something more? What do you think?

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  1. The LG Nexus 4 is coming out in a few days, how can it be a year since the previous nexus?

  2. No scribe technology?.

  3. Please let this be true, PLEASE! There will no better combination than pure Android + HTC hardware. Be gone, plastic phones that is samsung.

  4. The market dictates and Apple is not suffering, but I can’t see myself ever going back to a 4 inch screen again. If talking on the phone is your primary use, a 4 inch screened phone makes very good sense. It makes good sense for folks who do the bulk of their business via cell phone, and it’s what I would recomend to my grandmother. As for myself though, my usage is centered on written and visual content. Composing e-mail, texts, web browsing, referencing PDF and excel files and for fun editing images in Picsay Pro. Iphone is a good product but the 3.5 inch screen was a huge step backwards for my use, and the 4 inch just isn’t enough. And no, big screens aren’t all that Android handset makers have (not having) going for them. But of course what would a smartphone thread be without a little ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-h!!!

  5. Travis Williams

    Agree with other post, a phone shouldn’t be so large! Anything over 4″ gets a little ridiculous.

  6. I think 5 inch screens are way too big and people look ignorant talking on them. Is that the only thing Android handset makers having going for themselves…bigger and bigger screens. How about innovating a little. I will never get a phone this big. Give me somewhere between 4 and 4.3 inches at the most.

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