Moga Gaming Controls Offer A Serious Gaming Experience on Android

Moga Gaming Controls Offer A Serious Gaming Experience on Android


While it’s far from the only Android game control out there, the PowerA Moga Bluetooth controllers certainly look cool. We’ve mentioned these controllers in the past, but now they are finally coming on October 21st at a price point that is under $50.

The style of these controllers very much remind me of the OnLive cloud-gaming controller, which itself looks somewhat like an Xbox control. Such a larger, multi-button control makes the PowerA Moga a worthy accessory for those that like to play hardcore games on their smartphone and tablets.

What do you get with the Moga controller? Besides the actual control, there is a free Moga Pivot app that makes its more compatible with certain games, a soft case and Sonic CD and Pac-Man for a limited time.

So why pay for a controller when most games work with touchscreen controls? The big reason is because touchscreen controllers might be out there in most games, but they still aren’t as responsive or enjoyable to use for most serious gamers. This is a cheap way to turn your smartphone into a more ‘serious’ gaming solution, and certainly costs less than getting a PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS.

What do you think of the Moga Controllers?

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