Rogers 4G LTE Service coming to Ten New Cities on October 1st

Rogers 4G LTE Service coming to Ten New Cities on October 1st


Rogers committed to expanding their LTE network earlier this year but were pretty shy about the details. Finally were are getting more information, thanks to a post through their company blog.

Roger’s expansion effort plans to launch to 10 new cities in Canada on October 1st. Which lucky cities are making the cut? Kingston, Edmonton, Quebec City, Oakville, Burlington, London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Barrie.

Rogers reaffirmed their commitment to expanding even more in the coming months, with a pretty lofty goal of having LTE service available to about 60% of the population by the year’s end. For those on a different carrier that are considering Rogers, LTE through their network generally ranges between 12 to 40 Mbps.

Rogers is far from the only 4G LTE provider in Canada though, with competition from Telus and Bell. Are you a Rogers customer that gets LTE service? What do you think of the speeds? For those that are in a city getting 4G LTE soon, will you upgrade to a phone that can use it?

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