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Update PS3 Software to 4.25, Get Free 1GB Cloud Storage

You know all those game saves that you have on your home console? Should that console go missing or get damaged, all of your season data in Madden and all your progress in Call of Duty can be lost. That’s not good. It’s a scary thought for most gamers, but we all have to realize that it’s a very real possibility.

The good news is that Sony is on your side. If you get software update 4.25 on your PlayStation 3, Sony is going to offer you an upgraded 1GB of online game save storage. What this means is that, if you are a PlayStation Plus member, you can have your game saves backed up to the cloud. Should anything happen to your PS3 or should you move to another PS3 console, all of your game saves are there for you.

What you have to do is to go the PlayStation Store on your PS3, install software update 4.25, and then go to Game column in the XMB. Under that, you’ll find the Saved Data Utility as usual, but it will also give you access to your online storage folder. You can fiddle with the settings, but it’s recommended that you get all of your game saves (as long as they’re compatible) to upload automatically. One gigabyte isn’t as good as the 48GB you get when you buy a SGS3, but game save files are so small anyway.

Just as an aside, all you Xbox 360 people have a similar function on your consoles. Microsoft has cloud storage for saved games too.




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  1. so let’s see cloud,let’s say your system crashes and had to format the system and also let’s say your playstation plus runs out….you can’t say grab your data who the hell want’s there saved games onto a virtual space and be limited so much when anyone could back it up to a separate hard drive and that right there saves money, time, and effort.

  2. if you are not a PLUS member all you have to do is plug in a thumb drive and copy all the info for all your games to your thumb drive! Will save ya some $

  3. Awww 3 months too late. my original ps3 got ylod and i bought a new slim line since. Didnt have the chance to back my saved games :(

    • should of got your HDD out dude!

      • Same thing happened to me and I got my HDD out…..but How do you transfer from one to another?

        • You melt your PS3 with a hair dryer and a towel! No joke it fixes the YLOD giving you enough time to get those game saves. YouTube it! Then you take your PS3 to Costco bc you would be an idiot to buy your console from anywhere else to return the paper weight. You then use the money from the return to buy yet another PS3 and the cycle continues… Then when the PS4 comes out you return your PS3 and buy a PS4!

        • You have to use a Linux OS, windows cannot read data off your HDD. You can use Ubuntu, just burn it to a CD/DVD and connect you HDD to you computer and boot to you ubuntu live CD

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