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Wooden Tablet Teaches Your Kids About How Technology Works

There are quite a few kids tablets out there, including an upcoming Toys R Us 7-incher. In a world filled with tablets geared towards children, what’s different about the Tinker Tablet? It’s not a tablet at all, that’s what.

Okay, so what is this crazy contraption? The idea here is to create a unique puzzle box that is made of wood and can teach youngsters about the actual parts found in computerized devices. The Tinker Tablet is the brainchild of several tech-loving fathers that wanted to introduce their kids to technology concepts.

The wooden puzzle has labeled wood parts for the camera, memory, CPU, WIFI and battery- all of which can be fitted into the wooden circuit board. This is a really interesting and unique idea, targeted at kids 3 to 6 years of age.

The screen on this ‘tablet’ is actually a magnetic dry-erase board, allowing kids to draw on it and attach magnets. This is not only a great developmental toy, it could truly help kids understand that devices like tablets are made up of tons of smaller parts that let them work.

Right now this is just a Kickstarter project wit ha goal of $15,000 needed to get it off the ground. A $50 pledge will secure you the standard two-in-one puzzle and $100 will get you the puzzle with additional magnet “applications”, a Tinker Tablet T-Shirt and stickers.

What do you think of the Tinker Tablet?

Source: Kickstarter via Gizmag



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