Several New Features Coming to Windows Phone 8, Including Revamped Camera App

The Lumia 920 is official. At the joint Microsoft-Nokia event, most of the show focused on this impressive Nokia phone- but not all of it.

Microsoft actually showed us quite a bit about some of the features that are baked in Windows Phone 8, using the Lumia 920 as a reference. What can we expect?

Some things are rather basic, what you could call ‘catching up’. One of these catch-up features is the ability to capture screenshots, something both Android (4.0 and newer) and iOS have been able to do for a while.

Other changes include a revamped camera app with pinch-to-zoom, instant effects, and a built-in panoramic setting using MS PhotoSynth technology. The camer app also has a burst mode.

Alot of what we are seeing has to do with camera functionality. Considering the Lumia 920 uses a PureView cam, it’s not surprising. Other new features include a Cinemagraph feature that allows you to create partial animated images.

Window Phone 8 has recently started to get more and more attention. Whether it’s because people are curious, want an alternative to iOS and Android, or something else- it’s hard to call.

What do you think of Microsoft’s newest version of Windows Phone? Can they finally make a real difference in the mobile world?

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