Motorola Promises Jelly Bean for Everyone, if not, you’ll get a $100 credit


jellyian Motorola Promises Jelly Bean for Everyone, if not, you'll get a $100 credit

There was plenty to get excited about at Motorola’s press event today. The Motorola DROID RAZR HD, HD Maxx and DROID RAZR M were certainly the center of that excitement. Beyond the new headsets though, Motorola’s head, Dennis Woodside made a comment that really is truly exciting.

According to Woodside, all existing Android handsets will get Jelly Bean very soon. We’ve been promised that before by various vendors, so why get excited? The company affirmed that most of its 2011 and newer offerings would get the upgrade. If the upgrade isn’t possible though, Motorola is offering a $100 credit off a new handset instead.

Not much information about the program is known yet, but this is a very cool idea. This means that if you bought a smartphone from Motorola you options beyond being stuck with an obsolete OS.

Anyone interested in upgrading their older Motorola device to a newer one with this credit? For now, the list of what phones can and can’t have Jelly Bean is non-existent- but I’m sure they will get more details out soon enough.

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