New iPhone Screen Production Running Behind, History Repeating Itself?

The new iPhone is coming soon, or so we hope. One question you have to wonder though, will they be able to handle demand? A new report coming from Reuters gives us potentially bad news.

Sharp’s screen production is supposedly running behind schedule. This is just one of three display makers, but if one is behind- that could put everything behind. Sharp is struggling with low production yields, so says sources.

What we don’t know is how severe the supply limitations are, and whether this could truly affect launch of the new iPhone or not. Apple has struggled some in the past with getting enough product out into the hands of consumers, is a repeat move coming?

What do you think, if Sharp is behind could it mean limited initial supplies of the iPhone at launch? Of course it’s possible that the other two partners, Japan Display and LG Display Co, have been asked to step up their game to make up for Sharp falling behind. We’ll know soon enough.

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