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Think Nexus 7 is a Total Steal? Pipo U1 is $150 and has Jelly Bean

Think you’re Google Nexus 7 was a steal? What if you could jump into the Jelly Bean action with a tablet that costs you just $150? The new Pipo U1 tablet is just that, a $150 Jelly Bean tablet, imagine that.

Okay, so the Pipo U1 is a Chinese tablet and likely doesn’t come close to the overall build quality of the Nexus 7, but the specs are actually not half bad- especially when you consider its $50 cheaper than Google’s lovely new 7-incher.

Let’s quickly compare, side by side:

Processor: Tegra 3 Quad-core at 1.3GHz (Nexus 7) versus Rockchip RK3066 Dual-Core at 1.6Ghz (Pipo U1)

GPU: NVidia GeForce ULP 12-core GPU (Nexus 7) versus Quad-core Mali 400

RAM: Both have 1GB

Screen: Both have7-inch IPS displays with 1280×800 resolution

Storage: Nexus 7 $199 model has 8GB, Pipo U1 for $150 has 16GB

Expansion: The Pipo U1 has microSD, the Nexus 7 doesn’t

Camera (front): Both have front cameras, the Pipo U1 is 2MP

Battery: The Nexus 7 has a 4325mAh, the Pipo U1 has a 3750mAh

Weight: Nexus 7 weighs 340g, the Pipo U1 weighs 326g

Dimensions: (Nexus 7) 198.6x120x104.5mm, (Pipo U1) 197.5×116.6×11.5mm

GPS: Nexus 7 has it, Pipo U1 doesn’t

NFC: Nexus 7 has it, Pipo U1 doesn’t

Looking at the specs, the Nexus 7 is clearly the winner, but they really aren’t “night and day” apart from one another. For most tasks, the Pipo U1 is up to the job and clearly is better for those that need tons of storage space.

The battery life on this thing isn’t great, about 5 hours, but again- you can’t hardly complain for $150. Considering its processor, RAM and graphics, this would be a great secondary tablet for a family member such as a child or teen. This isn’t a tablet that the Nexus 7 needs to worry about, but it’s a great choice for those that need something basic at a great value.

What do you think of the Pipo U1? Worth consideration, or would you rather spend the extra $50 and go with Google’s Nexus 7 instead? For those interested, both AliExpress and Pandawill currently are selling the U1 for just $150.

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  1. While the Nexus 7 is a powerhouse these less expensive China tabs aren’t bad. The key is to grab a custom ROM and replace the stock ROMS. I have compared the Nexus 7 and several other more expensive units to these and they are still solid devices. The biggest problem is the limited battery life. That’s a easy fix with some of the external power units on Ebay. The Nexus 7 lacks a SD slot of storage and yes Cloud storage is fine but not when there is no internet connection.

    As for the Nexus 7 build quality. Its hit or miss with many new owners having problems with the screens. All of these tabs are made in Asia. Don’t be afraid to try this unit out or some of the other units like those made by Ainol.

  2. The resolution of the Nexus with a microSD. Great! Too bad I already have a Nexus 7 but with another tablet I will be able to play piano with both hands. LOL

  3. It is not about which one is best but it is about which one fits you best including the price tag. I have ordered the Pipo U1 for use for my kids (5 yr twins) so they can play games and see movies anywhere (almost) ant time). personally i think that if it does what I expect it is a great deal for my purpose!

    PS: According to the specs the Pipo U1 has only one cam in the front for video communication. GPS would be nice if it works (ill be testing) but also this is not in the specs.

  4. For this price and specs pipo is a steal.

  5. This review SUCKS you didnt mention 2 BIG thing a bout the Pipo. The Pipo has bluetooth and front and Rear 2mp cameras

  6. I disagree that Pipo U1 hasnt got GPS.
    I used System info apk to check the entire system information and discovered that it has got GPS but not satellite enabled. I tried to install sygic and it worked perfectly with wifi. I then tried to tether my internet with it and use it to drive to see whether the navigation would work and it worked perfectly ok without additional or external gps antenna.
    Will update the info as I discover more features.
    But watching HD video on this PiPo is fascinating. Very clear !
    Dont get me wrong I am not comparing it with Nexus 7 because I dont have one. But with my experience in Scroll Extreme and knight Orion, this one rank is the best.

    • Can you tell me what app and phone you used to tether the U1 with? I have not been successful in tethering my Motorola Triumph using barnacle or PDAnet.

      • I used my both htc wildfire s and samsung galaxy note 1 to tether. My brother has also tried his galaxy s2 on it too. Its a straight forward thing to do.

  7. I got mine yesterday 13/09/12 and it was fantastic.
    Though I have some issues with the google market and some apk that have hintherto worked well in my Scroll Extreme and Knight Orion I got for my wife. For example cool reader, Itv player, BBC iplayer etc are not compatible with it. Though I am still looking for a way around it.
    The Tablet is very fast both in surfing the net, internet connection and bluetooth..

  8. one of the biggest things for me, is being able to plug in an external hard drive and copy over movies. My original Ainol Elf, I can do this with (1TB NTFS Portable hard drive) , and its the reason I won’t ever buy a tablet without the OTG feature. So IT reckon I’m gonna get the PIPO U1! plus, its cheaper :)

    Nice comparison article btw, love it!

  9. I’m picking up a Pipo for my girlfriend to replace her aging (9 months old (grin)) Kindle Fire. She will primarily use it to watch movies and read ebooks at work. I was looking at the Nexus 7 but the lack of SD is a deal breaker (movies). My brother just picked up a couple of cheap $88 Chinese tablets for my younger siblings and I was impressed despite my initial misgivings. Anyway, it was enough to convince me to give the Pipo a try. I think it will be a nice upgrade from her Kindle (the RK3066 in it blows the Tegra 2 in my A500 out of the water)….and we can use the extra $50 for a nice dinner out.

    • Have you tried rooting your kindle fire and flashing Jelly Bean? That is what I did to my wife’s. It really turns it into a whole new machine. No more lag.

  10. You lose heaps of functionality built into jelly bean when you omit the GPS. That is the deal breaker for my use. All of the coolest location based os candy in JB becomes useless.

  11. Nogoodnamesleft7

    It is my understanding that the pipo has better otg

  12. Honestly, there’s no competition. It doesn’t matter how one looks at it…the Nexus 7, even at $100 more (comparing 16GB vs 16GB, the price difference is NOT $50, as mentioned in the article, but $100), completely blows the Pipo U1 away. I’m not saying this because I own a Nexus 7, but because, when you get down to everything that the Nexus 7 is, it has no “real” competition.

  13. You forgot NFC , Nexus 7 has it and the Pipo U1 does not so my money goes with Nexus 7

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