Apple Adds iPhone 4S to its Recycling Program, Another Sign that New iPhone is Coming Soon

While a September 12th iPhone event is supposedly in the works, Apple has remained quiet about anything possibly related to a new iPhone. That being said, actions often speak louder than words.

Apple has recently started offering users an option to recycle their iPhone 4S devices for up to $345 back in the form of an Apple Gift Card. Seems pretty odd of a move considering there is no Apple product above the 4S to upgrade to, right?

This is clearly a subtle hint that the iPhone 4S era is coming to a halt. So how do you get “up to” $345? That’s for the premium 74GB White iPhone 4S, with lower models like the Black 16GB fetching just $285.

While offering a recycling program is always considered a good idea, and an environmentally responsible one at that, the fact that the offer is for the iPhone 4S indicates that Apple is planning a replacement very soon. We know it, Apple knows we know it, now we just have to wait patiently for the official reveal.

Do you plan on trading in your iPhone 4S for the new iPhone?

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