Truly Unlimited High-Speed Data Coming to T-Mobile USA, No Really

Yes, it’s true that T-Mobile already has a $50 plan that gives you unlimited talk and text, but the “unlimited data” part of that equation downgrades from high-speed to 2G after you hit the 2GB cap. Given our need for high-speed wireless data all the time, that just won’t do and T-Mobile is finally changing its tune.

Starting on September 5, T-Mobile USA will offer a truly unlimited data option where you get to stick with the company’s 4G speeds regardless of how much data you consume. Go ahead and stream that Internet radio and watch YouTube clips to your heart’s desire. This truly unlimited data option rivals what MetroPCS announced just yesterday. Keep in mind that both Verizon and AT&T cap their data, so that leaves Sprint as the only other major carrier to have unlimited data.

To get unthrottled unlimited data with T-Mobile, you’ll need to tack on an additional $20 fee on top of the existing $49.99 unlimited plan. That brings you up to $69.99, which is still cheaper than the totally unlimited plan from Sprint. Now if only T-Mobile could figure out a way to get the iPhone 5 as part of its lineup…


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  1. Mikee says:

    Truly Unlimited Data, well, except for tethering.
    Truly Unlimited Data, now with more limits.

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