Samsung Relay 4G – Delayed, Name Changed, What Else Can Go Wrong?

Samsung Relay 4G – Delayed, Name Changed, What Else Can Go Wrong?


The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q was once believed to be on its way to T-Mobile on August 15th. If you don’t pay attention to the calender, it’s now the 21st and still no Blaze Q. Shortly after the delay, new rumors popped up that the Blaze Q was getting a name change all of a sudden, this time to the equally ridiculously long “Samsung Galaxy S Relaxy 4G”.

Since then, training document leaks and other information has confirmed the name change, alongside yet another piece of news that confirms the name change. Samsung’s own US support site now shows off several pictures of the device bearing the new name. So what do we know ‘for sure’ about the Relay 4G? We now know it is in fact the Relay 4G, we also know it has a 4-inch 720p display, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, NFC technology, a slider keyboard, and Android ICS powering it.

What we don’t know is probably the most important piece of the puzzle though, and that’s the pricing and release date of the Relay 4G. A question to all the T-Mobile readers out there, are you excited about this device or has all the delays left you caring less and less about the new 4G slider?

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