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Your 3-9 Year Old Wants a Tablet? LeapPad 2 Might be a Good Starter Device

While many of us use devices like the iPad and Nexus 7 on a daily basis, tablets aren’t just for adults. The children’s tablet market is continuously growing and adding new devices. Some of these offerings have the full power of Android in a tough child-proof shell, while others are specialty devices with custom operating systems. One such locked-down kid’s tablet is the LeapPad 2 from Leap Frog.

This thing has a basic CPU, 4GB of memory and its own custom software. While some children’s tablets have full Internet and app experiences, the LeapPad 2 doesn’t have online features but does offer its own library of learning apps and games. In addition to its app catalog, the LeapPad 2 also works with LeapPad cartridges from the original device. New applications for LeapPad 2 only cost $5.00 each, with cartridges instead being priced around $24.99. For those with children that love taking pictures, the LeapPad 2 has a front and rear-facing camera.

Why get this instead of a children’s Android device? While both children-specific Android tablets and the LeapPad 2 are rugged, many rugged children’s Android tablets cost $200+. If you don’t like the idea of your kids having Internet Access, this basic tablet also might be more appealing. The LeapPad 2 will only set you back $99 for the green or pink version, or $129.99 for the Disney Princess edition of the tablet. Leap Frog recommends its tablet for children ages three to nine.

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  1. I would not buy the leappad 2… Because most
    Apps or carriages are $25!!! This is not worth it when
    My iPod apps are free or $1.99 now that’s
    Something they will never get tired of playing.

  2. Parents buy their kids ipads as a bragging right. I’ll stick with tablets made with kids in mind for my children.

    • Agree. There is no reason for a child to have an Android device with internet access. What learning possibilities are there with an Android? At least the child has a learning device with content tailored for children, to learn to spell, pronunciation, add and subtract and have them use their mind to solve problems and reasoning puzzles. If my child wants to use the internet to play games, she goes on the PC on Nick Jr or other children’s sites her school has listed with educational content or I will have her watch tv shows with supervision.

  3. The apps start at 5.00$ but most are 10-25$!!! What!?! That is too much for me. If you are thinking this is a cheaper route than an android tablet, just wait till you purchase 100$ worth of apps!

  4. Sheeeesh … my 5 year old iPad user who has maxed out Cut the Rope would laugh at this start device AKA toy

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