Although the New iPhone is Not Yet Announced, Chinese Retailer Starts PreOrders

Want to preorder the new iPhone? You can! – if the idea of preordering something from a Chinese e-commerce site a month over more before its reveal doesn’t bother you. The site is called Taobao and has no real information offered on the new iPhone, instead taking preorders completely out of faith it seems. You can reserve your new iPhone (aka iPhone 5) for a deposit of 1,00 yaun, or $160, or you can flat out purchase the unit for 6,999 yuan, or $1,100. The sellers can’t promise a specific delivery time though, so yah, sounds extremely legit huh?

While I personally think it’s not a great idea to preorder something that has no real information or clear launch date, we do have a pretty good idea that the iPhone is coming in September. Amid all the dramatics of the upcoming launch, FBR Capital analyst Craig Berger predicts this next-gen iPhone will be the best-selling iPhone yet, with as many as 250 million units predicted to sell over its lifetime.

Considering the belief that China’s huge “China Mobile” network is rumored to finally be getting the iPhone when the new model launches, this large sales figure is actually quite believable. There is certainly a market for iPhones in China, as evidenced by this preorder offering and by the fact that “China Mobile” has about 1 million unofficial last-gen iPhones already running on its network.


Sources: ComputerWorld, AllThingsD

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