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Unique Lamp Doubles as a Paper Shredder

What do you get when you cross a paper shredder with a lamp? The Eliminator. This unique concept design is both a table lamp and a paper shredder, designed by industrial designer, Merve Kahraman. The Eliminator is primarily a trendy lamp, but it also can work as a paper shredder, allow it is a hand-cranked model, as opposed to modern automatic shredders.

The device uses two light sources, one that shines up and outward, and another that shines down and outward. The idea is that you leave the remains of whatever document you wish hanging from it, and the light will illuminate it. Not only does this mean you have a multi-function device, it is very unique and makes for a great conversation piece in your living room, as well.

The style can be changed and affected multiple times by the user, simply by changing the material that is shredded from it, which will affect the direction of the light, too. The detailed pictures show that this ‘concept device’ likely is a working prototype, but no commercial announcements exist for the Eliminator at the moment.

Having such a lamp not only sets a trend and stands out, but it is environmentally safe and a great way to recycle your shredded paper while making a bold and artsy statement. What do you think of the Eliminator? If it ever became an actual purchasable product, would you consider one?

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