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Forget the Bullet-Proof Vest, All You Need is a Nokia X2

A bullet proof vest? Who needs that when you have a Nokia X2 feature phone. That’s right, apparently one of the features on the X2 is the ability to take a bullet for its user. Most of us are likely aware that Syria is in the midst of a civil war. During a round of gunfire a Syrian X2 user apparently decided to take some footage of a battle between the military and the rebels. During the recording, he held up the phone near the front of his face and mouth. In the heat of the battle, a stray bullet fired in the user’s direction, striking the Nokia feature phone. Miraculously, the Nokia X2 stopped the bullet from penetrating all the way through, saving the X2 user’s life.

While Nokia feature phones might not be all that exciting, especially when compared to modern Windows Phone Nokia models or any other smartphone, it’s good to know that they come in handy when the bullets are flying- if you believe that the above claim is legit. Before you go flying into a dangerous situation with bullets flying, remember that this was a lucky break for the user, don’t try this at home. It’s also worth noting that this could very well be a hoax, considering it looks like the bullet hit the front of the phone first and then came completely through the back. When you look at the photo, it’s hard to understand how this could have stopped a bullet- when it looks more likely it just passed through instead.

What do you think?

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  1. Andreas Olderskog

    I own a rifle chambered in 7.62x54r. Witch would be a common round with the the sniper rifles in that war. Id bet 500 bucks that round would easily go through 8 of those phones and still go through someones chest. If it really did stop a bullet something would seriously have to slow the bullet down first.

  2. Mythbusters ?????

  3. Maybe it is me, but the bullet entry looks to be on the front of the phone and exits through the back. It does not appear to have “stopped” the bullet at all just but looking at the photos.

    Maybe if they had the bullet in their hand while taking this picture I would believe it. Until then I find this hard to believe.

    • but it really helped to dissipate most of the kinetic energy of the round.

      • Yes it probably did slow the bullet down a little. The claim that the phone is “bulletproof” is a false claim unless you can show me the round that this phone “caught.”

        And correct me if I’m wrong that Syria is in the Middle East. Typically the middle east weapon of choice is the AK-47, a 7.62 caliber round that would obliterate this phone. It is highly unlikely it would stop a round of that caliber.

        • Excellent point to both of you… looking at the photo is clearly went through. You also have to wonder about the claim that the user was holding the phone up using it to take video… considering the way the bullet goes through.

          I suppose a more apt title would be something like “Slow down firing bullets with the Nokia X2″… either way, I thought it was an interesting enough story. :)

        • agree…. the bullet wasn’t stopped. the speed was enough to do some damage… so the bulletproof claim is just a blowout…

          • You can see the bullet impacted and fragmented in the battery, but I too have no idea why it appears the bullet went right through. After a second look it seems the round hit the front of the phone and the battery is simply turned around to see the damage, the round might not have gone all the way through.

          • The Syrian army does use the AK-47, but also the AK-74 series which uses a smaller 5.45 caliber bullet, which has a higher velocity and which would rip the phone an even bigger ‘new one’ then a 7.62 might. Or it could have been a ricochet from some range.

        • cats are cheese like

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