OMG Cases Eye-Catching Design also gives you a unique way to receive notifications

Andriene Maloof and Robert Croak have come up with a few iPhone cases that are not only stunningly unique and eye-catching at first glance, they offer some pretty cool features that make them even more unique as you make use of them. These “OMG Cases” come with a set of lights that glow, pulsate and offer dynamic light patterns when you get a call, text, or notification.

For those with purses, finding your phone in the dark can be a bit tricky, but the OMG Cases lighting up will certainly make the task much easier than before. As if the iPhone didn’t catch the attention of those around you already, this is a great way to stand out in a sea full of iPhone users, that much is for sure.

How much do they cost? Good question, and one they’ve yet to answer on their website, only saying that they are ‘coming soon’. What do you think of these cases? Too vibrant for you, or just what you’ve been looking for?

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