Daily Deal: iPad Full? Kingston Wi-Drives Prices Slashed Up to 54% Off

One of the problems with the iPhone and iPad is that there is no expandable memory option. The Kingston Wi-Drive addresses this is a very unique way and it just so happens that you can now get one for up to 54% off. That’s a crazy good deal.

What you get is a device about the size of an iPod touch that comes with 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of internal storage. You can load up the content via a USB 2.0 connection on your computer. Then, you turn on the Wi-Drive and it turns into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Your iPhone, iPad, or really any WiFi-enabled device can then connect to the WEP/WPA-secured hotspot and access all the files stored within. Better yet, up to three devices can connect to the same Wi-Drive at the same time. This is great for music, movies, photos and more.

The Kingston Wi-Drive can be purchased on Amazon.com for about half price, depending on your choice of capacity. The 16GB is on sale for $59.50, down from its regular price of $129.99. Alternatively, you can bump up to the 32GB ($99.99) or the 64GB ($119.99), which are marked down from their respective regular prices of $179.99 and $228.00.

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