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RIM Finally Pushing Out A $550 4G LTE Playbook

Let’s face it, RIM isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite brand anymore and the first time around the company found little success with its Playbook tablet. Now, more than a year later than originally announced, RIM has brought us the 4G LTE-enabled Blackberry Playbook Tablet. According to MobileSyrup, an internal document from the Canadian mobile service, Bell, indicates that on July 31st the tablet will be launching at a suspected price point of $549.95. As for the US and the rest of the world, it’s hard to say for sure. Keep in mind that there is really little different, hardware-wise, from the original Playbook with the exception of a 4G LTE antenna. For those that don’t remember, the Playbook was a pretty big flop at its original price point and really didn’t pick up at all until it was sold at a major reduction in a sort of firesale effort.

The Playbook 4G LTE model will have OS2.0, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, a 7-inch display with a 1024×600 resolution, 1GB RAM, 5MP rear camera that shoots 1080p HD video, 3MP front-facing camera, 4800mAh battery and will have only a 32GB storage option. The specs aren’t actually half-bad on the Playbook, but RIM hasn’t exactly been a major name of late. Perhaps the company hopes that through contract subsidiary pricing users will pick up the Playbook for $0-$99 prices on two year contracts? What do you think, too little too late on RIM’s part or are you glad that the 4G LTE model is finally on its way?

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  1. So what are the deficiencies of the new to be release Playbook? Is it just that there are not 1 Billion apps available?
    What else?
    For the iPad, the deficiency is that it can’t view Flash content. Until the recent release, it had pathetic cameras.
    Why was that never mentioned when critiquing the iPad?

  2. Why do so many say ignorance and arrogance destroyed the business? The business isn’t even destroyed I am getting tired of reading stuff that seems like its just regurgitated over and over by those who do not even understand. They heard it from a news article and now go around commenting as if they knew.
    One of the ignorance and arrogance things people were referring to is that BB said that users should not need to download apps; they said that with HTML5 apps shouldn’t need to be downloaded as you would assume developers would just make an HTML5 application and post it on their website and it should work on all brands. Which seems to benefit the consumers; it was Apple who pushed against this.l
    Although, we think it is ingenious when Mozilla comes out with its new Operating System that has already stated they will not have an AppStore and that Apps will be exactly as RIM said they should be.
    Reality is that the Media has driven popular opinion; when a single company stops using BB it becomes huge news; but reverse it and have a company going from iPhones back to BB and it barely makes one page in the local newspaper of the same city.
    Let’s face it; RIM negativity is selling for the Media. If the media was held responsible for getting their facts straight we would see something else. But unfortunately most Media is blog posting now and they can post what ever they wish weither or not its true.
    I can definitely do anything on my blackberry that my android can do; atleast almost anything. But I can list things my BlackBerry can do that my Android can not do. I can also list things that the iPhone can’t do either. People often make the statement though why get a BB if it can only do what the iPhone can, I say why not?
    The Playbook also was one of the first successful 7″ tablets and APPLE was arrogant and laughed at them, meanwhile the Nexus 7 has come out and sold out almost instantly.

  3. Glad to see – I also notice that Apple is bringing out a 7″ tab, contradicting themselves on everything that Apple had said about 7″ tablets (remember “Dead On Arrival”???). RIM was right about the viability of 7″ tablets, then, and Apple was dead wrong. It would be nice if someone in the media would at least give RIM some credit…but I doubt it.

    • I don’t thing Rim invented the 7″ Tablet, and they certainly weren’t the first to release it. RIM has failed to be inovative in a seriously ling time. Also apple has been rumoured to be developing a 7″ Ipad, the rumours have been around for years.

      If Rim manages to turn their ailing business around then they deserve some credit, as it stands today ignorance and arrogance has destroyed what used be be thriving company, costing thousands of people jobs and wasting billions of dollars on tech that will likely never see the light of day. Such a pity.

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