Raspberry Pi Microcomputer Gets First Raspbian SD Card Image

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that’s not much bigger than a credit card, but it can be used to perform many common PC functions like spreadsheets and basic games. This fascinating little project is now getting its first SD card image based on the Raspbian distribution.

Freely available through their download page, this SD card image replaces the Debian squeeze image as their recommended installation. Remember that the Raspberry Pi box does not run without an SD card and said SD card needs to be imaged with the appropriate software. The update utilizes the floating point hardware on the Raspberry Pi to improve performance, most notably when it comes to the speed of web browsing.

No, the Raspberry Pi isn’t going to replace a full-fledged computer, but when attached to your TV and keyboard for some basic functions, it’s a great little $25 product. And the new Raspbian SD card image looks like it makes it even better.


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