NTFS And HFS+ Support Makes Its Way To Android Through The Help Of Paragon

When it comes to using external flash and hard drives with multiple different devices, formatting can certainly get in the way. For example, not all formats work great with Windows and Mac both, and many popular formats like NTFS and HFS+ don’t work at all on Android, at least not without Paragon’s help. The software company Paragon has launched a beta of its free NTFS and HFS+ support for Android today through the Play Store.

While the app itself is free, there is a catch- you need to have an Android device running 2.3 or higher that actually supports USB storage, such as the Galaxy Tab, Xoom or Galaxy S III. A special adapter and root access are also needed to get the job done. These requirements might limit the usefulness of this app for most users, but for those that do have devices that support loading USB storage, having access to the NTFS and HFS+ formats could be very helpful.

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  1. Yippe says:

    does USB-OTG has any features to enable the android device to detect the device? Or is it just a normal adapter with some simple wiring stuffs going inside?

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