Body Movements Create Beautiful And Unique Music Via ‘V Motion Project’


armfla Body Movements Create Beautiful And Unique Music Via 'V Motion Project'

What does strange arm flailing sound like? Generally nothing more than “whooshing” noises, that is unless you happen to be one of the lucky few who have used (and are part of) the V Motion Project. This unique body music system allows its users to wave their arms around and through their patterns actually make unique noises, music and imagery.

The whole process comes together using a Microsoft Kinect camera and modified software that allows a musician to control Ableton Live using their arms and legs. Normally Ableton is a software program used by Djs to make music and requires a physical interface with knobs and buttons, but the V Motion Project sets you free from that limitation. Can you imagine what something like this could do for the future of performance art and music? While right now its just a unique project, it is a really cool idea with tons of future potential from use by artists, musicians and even perhaps gamers via a Kinect-like game someday.

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