Pelican ProGear Protects Your Gear From Everything

Pelican ProGear Protects Your Gear From Everything


People in photography and production are probably already familiar with some of the Pelican cases that are out there. These boxes are great for protecting your expensive gear, keeping them safe from water, shock, sand and more. But did you know that Pelican also has a Pelican ProGear line that includes protective backpacks and hardback cases for regular folk too? Yes, they have smaller cases that are designed for the Apple iPad and notebooks, providing a watertight gasket, automatic purge valve, and cushioned inserts. These are definitely bulkier than your thin sleeves, but they definitely provide a lot more protection. Perhaps the more interesting line of Pelican ProGear products is their assortment of rugged backpacks. Again, these are designed to be super tough; some of them have an impact frame for full 360-degree protection from drops and tumbles. As can be expected from Pelican, some of these also contain a built-in case that is both watertight and crushproof. The ProGear U140, for instance, is even IP67 tested for staying under 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Pricing varies considerably, but the backpacks start in the low $100 range and go up from there.

[Source via PR]