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Video: Apple iPhone 5 Spider Concept Claws onto your Hand

What if the iPhone were semi-permanently attached to your hand in some weird twist of bio-electronic engineering? We’re getting closer to that reality with the so-called iPhone 5 Spider concept. Instead of being a conventional smartphone that you hold in your hand, it has spider-like legs that wrap around the back of your hand.

Of course, the iPhone Spider is hardly an officially sanctioned design from Apple and it’s unlikely that something like this will ever make it to production. Even so, it does present an interesting way of reinventing the cell phone. It’s like taking the iPod nano watch to a whole new level and, looking to inspiration from sci-fi movies, a hand or wrist-mounted computer really isn’t that far-fetched. It’s what Predator had, after all.

Designer Federico Ciccarese is the creator of the iPhone 5 Spider concept. While spiders have eight legs, this version only has five metallic legs. They wrap around the spaces between your fingers, holding on tightly like a face-grabber from Alien. Hopefully this one actually lets go when you want it to.




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  1. Can’t find one apple don’t seem to answer phones and when they do they hang up on u and are nasty girls rude as hell

  2. There are FIVE ‘legs’ on this ridiculousness, not 6.

  3. This is silly. Let’s talk REAL innovation.

    Call me old fashion, but I’d still like an iPhone where all the engineering went into telephone stability so it won’t drop calls. Imagine that!
    How about spending time and resources in R&D to make the iPhone waterproof (or at least water resistant) and one that is more shock proof and won’t shatter like a China teacup if you accidentally drop it.
    I think iPhone engineering need help there a lot more then in goofy styling cues and concepts.

  4. The design prohibits typing with both hands/thumbs. Plus it is a bit creepy.

  5. I’d feel awkward holding that thing to my ear to make a call… yes I still do that.

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