Google Introduces The Nexus Q

Google Introduces The Nexus Q


nexusq Google Introduces The Nexus Q

There is something extraordinarily alien looking about the new Nexus Q media player. This odd shaped media player is a ball that plays music, movies and other social activities. This is the evolution of the [email protected] standard that was unveiled by Google earlier last year and is supposed to have unique style that catches the eye and will become a staple of the living room.
The Q can connect with your family and friend’s Android devices for such things as building playlists of music and videos and allows easy sharing. You can connect multiple Q devices simultaneously and send separate media to each of them as well.

The Q will have access to the Internet without pulling from your device and content sent to it isn’t actually pushed from the phone/tablet its sent from, its all down from the cloud basically. Honestly, I’m not particularly excited by the Q. This box costs a massive $299, which I at least feel is pretty pricey considering Roku boxes and Apple TV can do many of the same unique things at much more affordable price points. The device has less abilities from the sounds of it than a tablet and yet it costs more than the new Nexus 7, to me that just sounds like a bad strategy, but I’ve been proven wrong before. What do you think?

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