Nintendo 3DS XL Gets 90% Bigger Screens for $199

Nintendo has a habit of releasing multiple versions of the same console, incrementally improving it in some way with each iteration. The Game Boy Advance paved the way for the Game Boy Advance SP. The Nintendo DS paved the way for the DS Lite. And now, Nintendo is doing the same with the 3DS.

The original Nintendo 3DS hasn’t been quite as big a hit as Nintendo had hoped, so they’re coming forward with a supersized version called the Nintendo 3DS XL. This is essentially the same thing that they did by following the Nintendo DSi with the Nintendo DSi XL. The bigger version of the 3DS essentially has the same guts, but it gets 90% bigger screens for 18% more money.

Set to retail for $199.99 when it ships August 19, the Nintendo 3DS XL will have a 4.88-inch display on top and a 4.18-inch touchscreen below. It still has the three cameras (two in the back for 3D), just the one analog stick (or analog “slider,” if you prefer), and the same Wi-Fi connectivity. Is it worth the $30 premium over the regular smaller 3DS that you already didn’t buy?

Check out the official Nintendo Direct video announcing the 3DS XL, featuring Reggie Fils-Aime himself, on the Nintendo website.

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  1. Felix Nolastnamechosen says:

    i dont think i wold really like to buy this. i just bought 3ds a couple months back and anyway, who am i kidding? this version looks a little ugly.

  2. James Robinson says:

    Its basically the same thing. Just buy a 3ds. It’s cheaper and anyway who cares if it has a bigger screen. It’s just like the iPod and iPad. It’s not like the 2 have different games that are specially designed for just that system. I recommend to buy the regular 3ds even though I’m getting a 3ds Xl when I comes out.

  3. dude says:

    They could have at least added 3d front facing cameras, looks like it will suck.

    Looks cheap compared to the original 3ds imo

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, 90% larger screen?
    3DS has screens: 3.53 / 3.02
    3DS XL has 4.88 / 4.18
    that’s about 38% more on the big screen and the bottom screen too.
    I cannot find the 90% even if I sum these two :)

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