K-Pocke Pocket Designed To Prevent Items From Slipping Out Of It

Personally, I’m not a big fan of shirt pockets, they look tacky and stuff never seems to stay in them. If you bend over slightly everything falls out, and if you are putting your smartphone or other expensive electronic item in your pocket, a drop from the shirt pocket could turn out to be a pretty expensive mistake.

K-Pocke intends to solve the falling dilemma, though it won’t do much about the fashion side of things. The new pocket technology uses a double layered pocket that allows you to slip item through side slits and once they are in, the K-Pocke supposedly keeps them in no matter what. The new pocket technology also has an outer pocket that can be accessed through the top, but that method is much more prone to slipping.

Again, not the sexiest look out there, but it is one safe way to put your expensive electronics in-pocket without having to worry.

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