Devs Can Finally Reply to App Reviews in Google Play Store


120618-gplay Devs Can Finally Reply to App Reviews in Google Play Store
You’ve developed what you believe to be a groundbreaking Android app, only to have it slammed by some unfair user reviews. Google is now allowing devs to reply to these comments in the Google Play Store. It’s only fair, really.

The idea is quite simple. When there is a review posted in the Google Play Store for your app, you can click on through and give an inline reply. This helps to improve communication between developers and customers, of course, but it also helps to clarify any problems that these users might be having. This way, people who are downloading the app for the first time will understand how to overcome certain problems (that may not actually be problems in the first place). This helps to reduce your customer support costs too.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that this “reply” function is currently only available to those of you with a Top Developer Badge. After presumably ironing out any kinks in the system, the feature should be made available to all the other app developers in the audience.


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