Hands-On Video of New Black, Unibody Metal iPhone 5 Shell?

What looks to be like the most legitimate piece of iPhone 5 info we have yet seen, this video of a black unibody iPhone 5 from ETradeSupply is quite convincing. The back plate no longer has a back glass, in fact, there is no back plate at all. The entire phone is encased in a black aluminum shell, similar to the unibody MacBooks. Also, there is that new dock connector that we saw earlier which could be a new magsafe, the headphone jack has been moved to the bottom also, similar to the iPod line, and new speaker vents.
Up next to the iPhone 4, this model does look as though it is a bit longer, thus giving more weight to the 4-inch screen rumor. They believe the SIM card holder is slightly smaller, this could mean a MicroSIM only slot, or something new all together. The video doesn’t show much more than the photos do, but it sure is nice to see it in someone’s hands. Stay tuned next week where we may see this unveiled at WWDC.

[ Source via CydiaBlog ]

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