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Sleep Mask Claims to Let You Control Dreams

I tend to dream quite a lot when I sleep, but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced lucid dreaming. If you want to be able to control your dreams, the Remee sleep mask might be an interesting way to do it.

Not much bulkier than a conventional sleeping mask, Remee is different in that it contains six red LED lights, three for each eye. This isn’t the first “lucid dreaming” mask to use this kind of idea, but the developers found that existing products were both too expensive and too bulky. Remee brings it down to a much more manageable price and size.

The blinking red lights can permeate your eyelids, but they’re unlikely to affect you when you’re in non-REM sleep. When you are in REM, though, they will “bleed into your dreams, presenting a perfect chance to become lucid.” The lights are programmable and they’re designed only to kick in after you’ve been asleep for four to five hours, presumably when you’ve achieved deeper REM sleep. I’m not sure how this facilitates lucid dreaming, but it is suppose to “enhance” your REM sleep.

This Kickstarter project has gained quite the fan following. The “mad scientist” creators were only asking for $35,000, but they’ve managed to raise over $500,000 for this project. I guess some dreams can come true.




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  1. These masks do not enhance your REM sleep. With use you are supposed to become mentally aware of the blinking lights whilst sleeping, seeing them in your dreams, and hopefully they will trigger your awareness of the dreamscape around you and thus start lucid dreaming. Usually this takes several tries to accomplish and sometimes more after that, as awareness of being asleep usually jolts the individual back awake. I find focusing on a familiar object such as your hands enables you to stay grounded in your dream and remain asleep allowing to indulge in a fantasy like playground where anything is possible. I do not mean to be disrespectful, but I do not advise writing an article you do not know anything about without having done some research first, since you say you have never lucid dreamt but most importantly do not have adequate knowledge of the product. It is easy to research, and well, quite easy to figure out on your own. Alas my post is not to ridicule but to inform you of the basic method of the product to help you out as well as let you in on really an amazing product! When you have your first lucid dream, it will be mindblowing! 

    Happy hunting, cheers!

    •  I totally agree with Lina. Why write an article about something you didn’t even bother to find more info about it? Anyway, the cheapest (free) way to become a lucid dreamer is the following: remember to ask yourself around 5 to 10 times a day: Am I dreaming? Look around, take some time to focus on objects and people. After a while your dreams will take over this habit and then you’ll notice that you’re dreaming, since many irrational things happens in your dreams.

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