Unique Video-Taking Glasses Make Taking Video Footage Easier Than Ever


I’m sure it’s happened to you more than once in your life, that perfect Kodak moment that you wished you could have taken a picture of, or even better, recorded. Unfortunately, by the time you whipped out your smartphone and brought up the camera/video app, the opportunity was gone. The future of recording is about to get a heck of a lot more convenient.  A new pair of  hypster chic techno-glasses are inspired by Clark Kent, and offer an easy push-button for recording your life’s moments.

While companies like Google are also working on such an idea, the Vergence Labs project manages to create a video-recording glasses set that actually looks very attractive. The prototypes were made using a 3D printer, and Vergence Labs hopes the final product will be popular among Youtube/Facebook social sharing crowd, since it will give these users a unique perspective to share in their videos.

The glasses even offer a special push-button that turns them into sunglasses as well, giving them a handy dual function. This is a really cool idea, and they look great- at the same time, it makes you think twice before doing something stupid or camera-worthy when someone wearing glasses happens to be around.

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