AIRbudz Let You Simultaneously Hear the Outside World and Your Music

It’s an epidemic, really. When most people put on their earphones, they become dead to the outside world. The cyclist can’t hear the car honking at him. The runner can’t hear the person screaming, “Look out!” We’re not about to give up our music any time soon, so what do we do?

SafeSound products has come up with an interesting solution called AIRbudz. These aren’t a separate set of earphones; instead, they work with your existing set to let you simultaneously listen to your tunes and hear the ambient sound around you. The concept is actually really simple: AIRbudz effectively replaces or supplements the silicone insert that you’d normally slip onto your earphone. There are specially designed air channels that allow outside noise to creep in, while still letting the music come through.

This isn’t exactly ideal, but neither is getting side-swiped by traffic when you go out on your jog. You can find AIRbudz on Kickstarter. A minimum pledge of $10 lands you ne of hte first packages of AIRbudz, including a Kickstarter-exclusive carrying case. They’re seeking $22,000 in funding and have until June 9 to do it.


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