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Google’s Self-Driving Car Now Has A Nevada Driver’s License

It seems that the Google car has managed to drive impressively for the Department of Motor Vehicles in Nevada, awarding it a driver’s license. That’s right, Google’s autonomous car is the world’s first vehicle to legally be approved for driving on US roads with no human intervention required.

Not too long ago we saw a test where a blind man went through Taco Bell using the Google car, and now it’s licensed. Of course the project is still a long way from making its way over to your local car dealership. What is clear is that this is the beginning of a shift in the way we do things, and the first step to an age where automated appliances and vehicles are as commonplace in a household role as computers and cellphones are today.

Part of what I like about these current cars is that they still have a manual mode. The idea of a computer error causing a car crash still has me a little worried, and I personally hope that when they become commonplace on the road they still require at least the PRIMARY driver to have a license. Imagine an age when no one actually knows how to operate a vehicle themselves, maybe I’m being old fashioned, but that thought is at least a little scary. Otherwise, this is a cool concept that will certainly take ‘cruise control’ to a whole new level.

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  1. Floyd, you couldn’t be more right. Of course the idea is scary for some who fear losing control. Many people are more afraid of flying than driving, not because it is more dangerous, but because when they drive they have the illusion of control over their situation. This will be a gradual change, but I think in a world in which no one manually drives, all roads will become more efficient, and perhaps carpooling will become much more commonplace, reducing the stress on energy use. Of course, electric cars and more rail use would take a long way toward that as well.

  2. Actually, computer errors are far less common than human errors. Fully automated cars will indeed cause a dramatic drop in accidents and fatalities. In a future where no one knows how to operate a car we will be no worse off than we are now where 99% of the population does not understand the technology they use.

    •  Honestly, you are probably right on the money about computer errors being less than human errors… I guess it’s just the thought of no control. Does it ‘scare’ me enough that I wouldn’t use it though? Nah, I like new technology and changes, I’d roll with the punches well enough.. though I’m sure not everyone would feel that same way.

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