Android ICS Shown Off On The Samsung Galaxy Note At CTIA

Hoping to get your hands on Android 4.0 for your Samsung Galaxy Note? Not too long ago a leaked build hit the net, but now at the CTIA in New Orleans we have real confirmation in the form of a Galaxy Note demonstration running 4.0.3. Touchwiz is still a major part of the UI experience, but it is still nice to see that ICS is running on the Note. It doesn’t seem any different at all, at least at first glance, but it is nice to at least know you have the most up-to-date Android experience with 4.0.3, even if you still have to put up with the Touchwiz UI.

When can you expect the update? Nothing solid has been announced, but you can bet if they are showing it off that it is on its way soon enough. Check out the video below from Android Central to get a better look at ICS running on the Note.

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  1. I want ICS on my stock ROM Brazilian Galaxy Note!

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