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All-Electric Toyota RAV4 EV Hits Road at $50,000

Say goodbye to the gas pump for good. Toyota officially debuted its RAV4 full electric vehicle at the 26th annual Electric Vehicle Symposium in Los Angeles. This is no longer a concept; it’s the production model and is available through dealers starting at $49,800, not including delivery fees.

The modern market’s first all-electric SUV, getting substantially larger and more practical than something like the Tesla Roadster. Yes, Toyota partnered up with Tesla two years ago and now that partnership is bearing some all-electric fruit for the Japanese automaker. Despite having to load in plenty of electric components, the RAV4 EV is supposed to offer the same kind of cargo capacity as its gas-powered counterpart.

As with other full electrics, the RAV4 EV won’t have the same kind of range as the gas-powered RAV4, of course. Toyota is claiming an effective range of 100 miles (161 km), which has become the norm for electric vehicles. The kicker, of course, is that the RAV4 EV is much larger than most electric vehicles. They’ve stuck with front-wheel drive and a mere 154hp to help improve the range too. Even so, you can get from 0-60mph time of seven seconds before topping out at 100mph. A full charge via a 240V outlet takes six hours; you can do the 120V thing too, but it’ll take you much longer.

Look for the Toyota RAV4 EV this summer in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Diego.




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  1. please dont be a troll…it will atleast make oil a little less worhty..
    so in about 2-3 years your petrol prices wont hike so often ..
    which is planned by big giants so they can rip out a huge cchunk of world economy

    FYI electic concept was in research and development over decades but always oppressed by oil giants…
    to bad if didnt know that … BRO

  2. What idiot would buy electric for 50,000 when you can buy used gas one for less than 10,000. Save a lot of money.

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