Image Leak Shows Off Possible “Screen Sharing” Feature In Blackberry 10

BlackBerry isn’t exactly the biggest name in the smartphone world these days, but Blackberry 10, the newest version of the OS, is hoping to change all of that. While I can’t say for sure how much luck it will have, there is at least one upcoming feature that truly is quite interesting and worth getting excited about for BlackBerry fans, and that’s screen sharing. If the leaked images that have shown up are true, BlackBerry 10 will feature a sharing option that allows you to share your screen with other users for showing off a presentation, your photos, or even sharing the screen to browse something off the net, perhaps.

This is certainly something different and could really be a useful feature in certain situations. Take the news with a grain of salt though, as these are unofficial images and so it’s hard to say whether or not this is really heading to B10 or not.

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