New MicroStylus Stores Comfortably Within Your Phone’s 3.5MM Jack

There are times when a stylus is just plain useful, such as doodling in a paint program or jotting a few notes down. Most of today’s smartphones and tablets don’t come with a stylus, which means storing and keeping them handy isn’t all that easy as most devices don’t have built-in stylus holders anymore. That’s where the MicroStylus comes in handy. This little guy has a smaller form factor that is great for smaller screens, such as found on your smartphone. What’s even more handy is that it stores neatly within a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Honestly though, I can’t see this being very comfortable for long use. Again, I think the intention of this device is for when you quickly need to jot something down and don’t have access to a pen-point standard stylus. You can get the MicroStylus in black or silver for just $9.99, or two for $15 at Is this going to change the tablet and smartphone world forever? No, but at just $10 it certainly could be pretty useful for some users out there.

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