NASA Engineer Designs Cricket Trailer for Camping Trips

As you prepare to whip out the bug spray and water filter for your annual camping trip, you might consider a little bit of NASA technology as part of that camping trip. Garret Finney worked on habitation modules for the International Space Station while working at NASA, but he has now taken that passion for efficient living to the world of camping trailers.

No, it’s not the most glamorous-looking thing in the world and it hardly looks space age, but the “Cricket” is supposed to be remarkably utilitarian and efficient. For starters, it’s lightweight (around 1300 pounds), so you can tow it with even smaller cars and SUVs without resorting to a big honking truck. Next, the living space is flexible and adaptable. The couch becomes a bed and there are “loft” sleeping quarters too. There’s a small kitchen in there with a rotating table. You’ll even find a pull-out shower to wash off all that dirt you’ll surely accumulate. It’s not as big as an RV, but it’s not as small as a tent either; the Cricket fits somewhere in between.

This almost makes me think of the caravan challenge from Top Gear, but with far less buffoonery. And you can fully customize it to suit your needs, including solar panels, air conditioning, and a portable toilet. Prices start at $14,330.


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  1. canuckmaster says:

    My Trillium trailer of 25 years ago weighed less, had  all the same amenities and looked much better.  On top of that is cost $3500.

    • Digitaluddite says:

       From Trillium Trailer’s website:
      “The base price of the Outback is now $14,900 as of October 1, 2010″
      Things, unfortunately, have changed since 25 years ago.

  2. Calboy147 says:

    Not looking too good so far. How about a picture of it in the folded traveling mode? Maybe there is something to it when folded.

  3. Mark says:

    14k+ thats insanity, a popup camper is lighter and cheaper and you still dont need a truck to pull it . so what’s so different about this camper? NOTHING. oh maybe because a forward thinker at NASA took an old design and made it modern? NOT! still nothing new. back to the drawing board, next time design something that hasn’t been done already.

  4. Martin Bell says:

     A camping trailer with folding fabric panels….Where have I seen one of those before? Oh, yeah, on every folding camper produced since the 60′s.
    Not a new idea, not small, not lightweight and damn ugly. Just trading on the “NASA” tag.

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