Padcaster Turns Your iPad Into An Interesting Video Camera And Editing System

There are several very unique camera attachments and accessories for the iPhone, like the MirrorCase. But what about the iPad? This week, at the National Association of Broadcasters conference, the Padcaster was announced as a unique way to turn your iPad into an on-the-go filming and editing device. For $199, you can a case that allows you to hook up your iPad to a tripod and then you can even attach multiple lenses and an external mic to get even more out of your iPad video cam. To attach a lens, you will need a $79.99 mount as well though.

Admittedly, this looks pretty cool, useful and at least a little odd. For those who say that the iPad only has use as a media consumption device, this is further proof that this just isn’t the case anymore. It will be interesting to see if the Windows 8 tablets coming out this year will have similar unique functions that really push the tablet platform in new directions.

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