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Toshiba’s 13-Inch Excite Tablet Is Not That Exciting

Toshiba’s Thrive tablets were certainly not crowd favorites, and the company, after listening to customer complaints, has introduced a new line of tablets in the Excite line. It’s a good thing that they are changing their designs and bringing out pretty looking devices: the 7.7″ tablet which has the same AMOLED display on the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the 10″ Excite with a resolution of 1280 x 800. But why in the world have they decided to include an unnecessarily large 13″ model in the list?

The new Android ICS powered Excites feature an extremely thin chassis (good that they are moving away from the bulky, port-heavy body designs) and will pack NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 SoC. The 10″ and 13″ models both come with a full-sized SD card slot, but no USB and HDMI ports.

About the 13-Inch device, Toshiba says that it will be good for indoor use, particularly in the kitchen if you want to look at recipes or the weather forecast. But we can do those things with a $400 iPad 2 or some other mid-range tablet, and this fact becomes important when we take a look at the Excite 13’s price tag: $650 for the 32GB model and the 64GB model costs $750.

And we don’t think that the company thought about portability while designing it. 10 inch tablets can be handled without problems, but anything larger and heavier will certainly be uncomfortable to use and may also lead to shoulder and neck strain. But if you still want to check out the device, it’s coming on June 10th, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

And the price tags of the other two devices:

Excite 7.7″ – June 10th Release Date

  • 16GB model – $500
  • 32GB model – $580

Excite 10″ – May 6th Release Date

  • 16GB model – $450
  • 32GB model – $530
  • 64GB model – $650
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  1. Olivier Barthelemy

    95% of the time, my 10″ tablet is on a stand:
    1- next to my PC, where I use it to monitor email/RSS, display a background TV show, or brows a specific article
    2- next to my bed, I fall asleep watching series.

    I have a 7″ tablet to hike about with, which I barely use.

    I’d very much like a bigger tablet for in home use. But not at that price.

  2. Leo: I like the original 10″ Thrive with all the ports. I like that I can plug in a NORMAL HDMI cable into a monitor or a full size USB drive. As for the “bulky, heavy” comments I hear about the original Thrive, you limp wristed ‘isheep’ should hit the gym if the Thrive is too heavy for you.

  3. Way to jump on the bandwagon Leo. You have to know Toshiba isn’t planning on the 13 incher being the large volume seller of the line right? Toshiba has examined the market, and will produce enough of these to make a profit and will see if there is really a demand.

    This may come as a suprise to you, but there IS a market for larger tablets. I am one that will be purchasing one of the 13 inchers…and if you ignore the negative naysayers that don’t understand the marketspace that this was designed for, you will find that there are many people out there asking for bigger tablets and this release has answered their question.

  4. You are assuming everyone uses a tablet the same way you do…..holding it.

    Toshiba is including a stand style case with this tablet because it’s designed to be mainly used on a table, bar, or other surface to support it.

    As far as comparing this with an Ipad as you did- you can do the same things, but you won’t have as much screen to view a full size web page. This guy is considerably larger than an Ipad even though the diagonal is only 3.6″ larger.

    We kick an Ipad around the local bar that I frequent to Google up stuff when needed. It’s ALWAYS used on the bar….in it’s case….as it’s passed around from person to person.

    If you read the comment sections of the articles out there on this machine, you’ll see quite a few people- myself included- have been wanting a larger tablet. I’d like either 11.6 or the 13.3, because I’ll be using it mainly in the stand case. 

    Don’t say “Why don’t you just use a laptop?” Not the same. I want the touch screen ease of surfing and zooming.

    As far as portability, isn’t that what laptops were designed for? You see people at lunch or after work at a restaurant using laptops all the time. Wouldn’t this tablet be MORE portable (weight, thickness) than a laptop?

    Yes, you can stuff a 7″ tab in your jacket pocket. It is more portable with it’s tiny screen. But to say 13.3″ is not portable is to say laptops aren’t either.

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