In-Vehicle Wireless Charging System in Chrysler Cars This Year (Video)

Cars are becoming increasingly high-tech with all sorts of gadgetry all over the place. The Mopar division at Chrysler is introducing an industry first this summer by adding an in-vehicle wireless charging system.

The idea is going to be a familiar one to most readers of Mobile Magazine. There’s a special case for your phone, an inductive charging mat, and no need for a wire to connect the two. This is much the same kind of technology that we see with products like the PowerMat, except this one will be installed directly in the center console of your car.

As a $200 option, the wireless charging system will be first offered this summer in the 2013 Dodge Dart. I imagine they’ll eventually roll out the option to other Chrysler vehicles too. I certainly hope that the mat has been designed with some special non-slip material, because I’d hate to see phones flying all over the place when you take a hard turn, accelerate quickly, or brake suddenly.


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