CISPA Bill Even Worse Than SOPA/PIPA

The good news is that SOPA and PIPA haven’t come to pass, but the bad news is that they could be followed by a bill that is even more invasive and could violate even more of your civil liberties. It’s called CISPA and it stands for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. In short, it allows the government to request all kinds of information of Internet service providers and web hosts about its users.

Private companies are “encouraged” to “monitor” for “cyber threat” information happening on their networks, even if they have no real reason to do so. As Kendall Burman from the Center for Democracy and Technology explains in the video below, the breadth of the bill is remarkably broad, covering just about any kind of Internet activity at all. It doesn’t even really say what “government” can demand this kind of information, leaving it very vague and wide-reaching.

Ironically, even GOP candidate Rick Santorum went out to say that the Internet is “not a free zone,” and that regulations have to be in place to prevent an “anything goes” environment online. So much for small government. Following the Supreme Court ruling that allows getting strip searched for even the most minor of offenses, CISPA could allow the strip-searching of your online habits too… even without any kind of offense at all.

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  1. Shaneoliver65 says:

    i say no to cispa down with the desaese

  2. Firestar001 says:

    Here’s something:  The internet is like a city.  First it started out small, then it grew bigger and bigger and then became a continent.  Now the SOPA. PIPA CISPA is like the police, starting out like village (close to 50 if you want to use a number) police sized.  Tell me, how can 50 officers patrol and keep order of an entire continent of people?  Impossible.

    I would LOVE to have a bill where it can be used against the government.  Yes we might take a hit, but it will be hell for the government as well.

  3. James Bowen says:

    The internet is a free zone! The internet should stay a free zone until every country in the world agrees on these “acts”. If CISPA passes then it will affect people in other countries too. The America government shouldn’t have the right to ruin the internet for everyone else just because they’re a bunch of stalkers that are trying to destroy free speech after being one of the major enforcers of it many years ago.

  4. Sabrielmisa says:

    if this passes there is no hope for small sites they wont be able to handle the regulation. people will never be comfortable online if this stuff passes there are measures for policing out there and they work. the government should focus on a real problem like the economy and stop harassing the people who make their life possible. government needs to listen to the people again we pay the taxes and we elect them into office so they should start listening or we need to start voting for random people from facebook for office

  5. Chilly Willy says:

    I could see a big boost for the VPN business if this goes through. VPN traffic cannot be monitored

  6. Icejet85 says:

    CISPA? This is not good. If it passes, it will be like the end of the world. Stop it now and be jealous of those wretched idiots who support the bill!

  7. Guest says:

    Why do they need to know this stuff? I mean really, you’d think these politicians were stalkers…

  8. Guest says:

    Yay greedy corporations and corrupt politicians, always trying to ruin the greatest invention of mankind…  Honestly, if this passes I may as well kill myself.

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